Reseller Web Hosting as an Online Business

Look, I know it’s past the midway point of 2018 already, which would suggest that pursuing an online business such as running a web hosting operation as a reseller would perhaps be leading you into saturated territory, but there are means and ways to approach this type of business that can be lucrative for you. Saturated or not – it’s possible to make a success out of a reseller web hosting business in 2018, but naturally you’d have to look beyond the very easy and obvious manner in which the business model is sold.

Reseller hosting is no longer a turn-key business model

The big web hosting service providers of this world will have you believing so, but reseller hosting is no longer the turn-key business it used to be. Who can blame them though? I mean their business is selling reseller web hosting services, this alongside selling web hosting services directly to the public as well.

But yeah, reseller hosting is no longer a turn-key business model because of a number of things, one of which is saturation. By the time coming across any business model is as easy as perhaps visiting the home page of a giant hosting service provider like Hostgator, then you can rest assured that business model is already saturated.

Take it from someone who has been involved in the business of Web Design & Hosting – there were lots of web design service providers a mere 10 years ago, so you can only imagine how much more saturated the market would be at this particular point in time!

My introduction of the web design discussion as an addition to the service of running a web hosting business is pretty much where this post is headed. You can no longer just run a web hosting operation – there has to be some other service driving it, which at the most basic of levels is web design & development.

Focussing on web design & development to drive your web hosting business

I’d suggest you perhaps take a basic course in web design, even if you go the Content Management System (CMS) platform route such as learning how to develop websites in WordPress, but only because it’s not at all difficult. Learning basic web design is perhaps even one of those things you can do for free by simply running a Google search for tutorials and other resources.

You don’t technically have to learn how to make websites in order to have web design as the driver for your web hosting business, because you can effectively sell websites directly or make money with them having created them using something like WordPress.

The bottom line though is that you need something which you can offer prospective clients as a product or service which will compel them to have to take up your web hosting service, if you want to be successful in this day and age, running your own web hosting business. Nobody is going to come to you purely for your web hosting offering, but they could come to you for your web hosting service if for example you created a professional website design for their business, perhaps using WordPress, and you offered this design to them for free if they took up the requisite web hosting for it with you.

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