Ben here, helping you navigate your way through the tricky and sometimes confusing world of business and making it as an entrepeneur in an online environment.

It may be difficult for you to look at me and see me as an expert in any field, never mind business success. But my area of expertise is as an online businessman. I’ve grown up in an era of internet and websites and an online environment and I have flourished in this era.

I’m computer savvy and studied hard in education and now, I’m one of the youngest (and richest) online entrepreneurs out there.

As a child of the internet age, it was the next logical step to start a blog and begin sharing the tips and tricks that have got me to where I am today.

This page is going to describe a little bit about me, how I got to where I am and what the blog is going to be about!

About Ben Jones

So, the man behind the blog. My name is Ben. I was born in 1991 in the North of England to working class parents. We didn’t have everything and the world growing up, but it wasn’t a daily struggle. As a young boy, I always wanted the flashiest things, the designer clothes, all that jazz, but it was always just out of reach.

I vowed to work my ass off so that I could become successful and finally buy all the things I always wanted when I was a kid.

So I started testing and trying lots of different businesses: selling sweets at school, selling tshirts online. These exploits carried on as I went through college and then university.

About My Career

After finishing a degree in business and marketing, I got an internship with the one and only Virgin Group, learning from the very best in business.

I spent three years with Virgin, first as an intern and then moving on to being an associate. It was glamorous, it was fast paced – but the bottom line? I was still working for someone else in a business that had already done everything it could do.

I wanted to work for myself and be innovative while doing it, so I broke out on my own. When I first started working for myself, ecommerce was just a whisper in the wind, it was certainly being done, but not very well.

So I built my own ecommerce platform for the automotive industry – blending together my loves of technology, business and cars! I’m good at what I do, so of course it took off and now, as the guy at the top, I watch as the wheels turn and I make money.

About My Blog

So, being a successful businessman and having my minions run the day-to-day gives me a fair bit fo spare time Рso I decided to get creative! My partner suggested I set up a blog and use it to spread any knowledge we have about the business world.

It’ll be a mixed bad, that’s for sure, partly my experience and anecdotes, part commentary and part genuinely useful advice for budding entrepeneurs.

So take a look, see what we’ve got going on here!