How to organize yourself when you work at home

Lately, for obvious reasons, many people are moving to remote work, and some even to freelancing. As a result, I have often been asked questions about how I organize my work and whether it is easy to maintain discipline and keep up with everything.

Thanks to advertising and social networking on Instagram, many people have the impression that working from home is all about perks and pleasures. Sleep as long as you want, no need to get dressed or put makeup on, want to go for a walk or a meal or go to the store, no questions asked, just go and do it. Sobering up comes very quickly. I even know people who, after trying to work from home, categorically gave it up.

I will not list what are the disadvantages of working from home and working for yourself separately, everyone can have their own disadvantages. But the main problem, in my opinion, is the lack of productive thinking.

Starting from school, we get used to the fact that the process is often more important than the result. You have to come to school, sit there for the required number of classes, and then somehow pass the exams. The school seems to be aimed at the result – good grades. But in fact, a diligent, obedient student can simply “sit out” good grades.

And after we study, we go to work. There are places that pay for results, and there are places that pay solely for being there. I remember once, when I was a kid, my dance teacher said: “I don’t care how hard you tried and how much effort you put in, I only care about the result.” It seemed a little cruel to me at the time, but fair.

If you don’t want the dream of having a lot of free time away from work at home to turn into a nightmare, start implementing results-based thinking right away. After all, let’s be honest, where does the time go? Walking in the park or mindlessly surfing the internet and texting on social media? Now it is your own time, it is not paid by the employer, and therefore it can be used more usefully and happily.

What techniques help you to switch to the result:

1. Set specific goals for yourself. Not just work, but to do this and that.

2. Make sure you are in a pleasent environment, e.g. ensure you have a comfortable working position with an adjustable desk set to the right height.

3. At the end of the day, ask yourself what I did today, what results I got.

4. Throughout the day, ask yourself the question: what result am I doing now.

5. For advanced people, you can keep track of worked hours. Take into account how much you really worked and what results you got.

And be sure to give yourself breaks and days off, otherwise you may get a feeling of Groundhog Day, when there is only work and no joy at all. But a full rest and a change of impressions allow you to maintain a high capacity for work and productivity, not to mention the joy and pleasure of life.