Boost your online business in 2020 with Awesome videos

In this online era, grabbing the visitor’s eye online is becoming more challenging and competitive. A big thanks to the marketing strategies. By using the right marketing strategy at the right time, one can easily reach and engage a wider audience without breaking the banks. 

Indeed, there are hundreds of marketing and management strategies by implementing which online businesses can boost their sales. And choosing the right strategy is not a cakewalk. Well! That’s why we are here! 

If we look at the demand of videos, then it would not be wrong to say that video marketing will be a blast this and other coming years. Appealing and informative video content will not only drive sales but also improve customer retention rate. 

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Nowadays, video content is not just good to have; it is becoming the need of an hour. Almost 90% of people watch videos before making a purchase. Are you still not satisfied? Need not worry!

Here are some of the reasons that will make your mind incorporate videos in your marketing strategy and give a boost to your online business growth. 

Top Reasons how videos can accelerate online business 

Let’s begin…. 

Videos are growing on Social Media

According to the research, there are over 3.6 billion people using social media globally. And this number is going to increase every year. What it actually shows? It indicates that most of the target audience are over social media. Say if your social media marketing is strong, then you can easily amp up your business growth by uploading the best explainer videos

No matter whether it’s your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, videos will help you make your online business more successful. Due to the high demand for videos, youtube is the second most popular social network in the entire world. Videos for social media marketers are a big game-changer. 

Moreover, if viewers found your content informative and appealing, then most likely, they will share it with their friends. Remember, the more the shares, the better the engagement. So, start increasing your website traffic by creating fun, entertaining videos.

Videos make boring content interesting 

Video has the power to make boring stuff more interesting. That’s why most of the organizations are using videos to engage even the laziest buyers. 

People don’t have enough time to read the long formatted and boring text. Nowadays, most modern customers want to see the products in action, and video is one of the easiest ways to do that. 

By using videos, you can double your competitive power and build a real image of your brand. So don’t harness the passion and keep sharing interesting content with your visitors to make them euphoric and convert the visitors into leads. 

Videos boost conversions 

Well! Every marketer is putting a lot of effort into improving their online business just because they want to make some serious money. And that’s where video comes into play. 

Say if you add product videos on your landing pages, then you can easily accelerate your conversion rate by 80%. Irrespective of the category of your online business, videos can help do wonders without putting in lots of effort.

You would be astonished to read that 74% of the people who watch explainer videos are more likely to make a purchase. So, if you also wish to increase conversions and generate more ROI, then start crafting videos to directly transmit the information directly to the human brain. 

Videos Build Trust 

Online business is based on trust. If you successfully build visitors’ trust, then you can easily move your prospects from one buyer’s journey to another. Creating long-term relationships will also inspire your customers to biome promoters for your brand. 

Always keep in mind that the more people share your content with their friends and family, the higher the chances that they will make a purchase. According to the research, it is found that 57% of the customers say that videos inspire them to purchase the product online.

So if you also want to build a serious relationship with your customers and give them more confidence to make a purchase, it is always recommended to use videos in your marketing strategy. 

Videos improve SEO

Last but not least, the benefit of using videos is that it allows you to increase your website ranking. According to the Moovly analysis, it is found that websites that include videos of their landing are 53 times more likely to be viewed in the top list of google. 

So, if you also want Google to love your website and improve your search engine rank, then start crafting informative videos on your website. 

Note– Whenever you create videos, make sure you optimize videos to the fullest. It will help you grow more and encourage content to the fullest.  

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The Last Say 

Hopefully, the above points are enough to make you realize the importance of videos in marketing. Making effective and creative videos will allow you to create real miracles at minimum cost. 

So what are you waiting for? Start being creative to add an aww effect to your brand. 

Happy Video Marketing!