Why Your Business Should Implement an ITSM Solution

IT service management (ITSM) involves bringing together the execution, management, and provision of necessary services as required by the company. The broad concept of ITSM is that it pulls together technology, systems, and employees to essentially be bigger than the sum of its part, by improving informational availability while removing duplication and redundancy.

Here we cover the reasons why your business should implement an ITSM solution soon.

Get Away from the Constant Urgency

When using an ITSM solution like the one from SysAid that specializes in this type of software solution, it removes a sense of continual urgency without direction. By using the SysAid software to collect customer touchpoints to track inquiries or complaints through the system, and also by using active monitoring, it’s possible to immediately get a better handle on the situation.

Certainly, it becomes clear to companies that when focusing on systems, they’re hovering over the flow of contact with customers rather than being completely consumed by it. At that point, they can adjust team dynamics and response approaches to manage the communication flow better instead of struggling under it.

New Systems and Processes

With ITSM applications, which are often run on a PC/Mac computer via a software installation or as a SaaS in any modern web browser, companies now have accurate ways to manage new points of contact, make strategic changes to deal with fresh issues, and plan better for staff absence or promotions.

Reliable systems put in place means companies free themselves from the minute-to-minute drama and instead look at broader application tasks like putting together one or more service-level agreements (SLAs). These types of agreements broadly layout points such as the initial response times, expected time for each ticket to be completed or raised to a team leader, etc. It gives the company and its customers a benchmark, which tends to keep everyone on track.

Focus on Strategic Outcomes

Companies must focus on the strategic outcomes that they desire for the business. This then trickles down to the support team, so they know what they’re aiming for.

For instance, when the desired outcome (as supported by an SLA) is to provide excellent customer service and support, rushing customers off the phone to get to the next caller, email or live chat is not advisable. Indeed, when the outcome is the longer-term provision of services to customers that the business has spent considerable money acquiring in the first place, then not losing the customer is more important. Having a good ITSM infrastructure in place could help you do that. There are so many managed IT services in Charlotte or other areas near you that could cater to these needs.

This type of focus will push the company to employ more support staff to manage the inflow of inquiries. They’ll also look to beef up product documentation, instructional videos, and the FAQ on their website to help reduce the need for customers to contact support in the first place. Additionally, live chat inquiries will be moved to the sales team, who are better suited to handling instant communication systems like live chat.

An ITSM solution is essential for modern businesses to match strategic outcomes for the business with customer contact to get the result everyone is looking for. Only then can the company succeed in the long-term.