Why serviced apartments are great for business trips

Rather than booking a hotel for your business trip, you may want to consider a serviced apartment. Hotels are often more expensive per night and can come with a host of additional costs, some of which are more unexpected than others.

So why should you opt for a serviced apartment for your next business trip?

  1. More space

When it comes to serviced apartments brisbane city or any other city for that matter, you tend to get more space as compared to hotel rooms, and often include a separate living and kitchen area or a combined kitchen/living space. This means they are better value for money than most hotels.

The added space makes the apartment feel less cramped and gives you room for your belongings and to do work in a comfortable and spacious environment.

  1. Save money on extras

Staying in a serviced apartment allows you to cut costs in other areas too. Having a fully equipped kitchen means you are not eating out constantly for the whole duration of your stay or going out for coffee so a great way top help wit6h this in the long term is to get Miele coffee makers to make grade A coffee at home, which can save some pennies. Plus, with free WiFi and no sneaky mini bar, you won’t have extra costs to pay during your stay.

  1. A homely feel with an added bonus

Serviced apartments will start to feel like home much more quickly than a hotel would, primarily because they have all the necessary amenities and more to make them look more homely. Services apartments, for instance, typically come with a kitchen fitted with cabinets, a sink, and Silestone countertops (click here to view the options), as opposed to hotels. In addition, the apartment is likely to have a bedroom that has been decorated to appear homier. That is why this could be a great option for those staying for longer business trips as it allows them to relax a bit more.

Plus, just like a hotel, you can opt to have housekeeping come and clean the apartment and change linens.

  1. More privacy

Serviced apartments are often in smaller buildings or even on their own, depending on the location and building style, which allows for greater privacy and greater security. You can rest assured that you won’t be constantly disturbed by slamming doors or noisy hotel guests during your stay.

This privacy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on location though, with many serviced apartments being in fantastic central locations in a wide range of cities and towns.

When going on a business trip make sure you consider serviced apartments when booking accommodation, you may never go back to hotel stays.