Why Is Google My Business Important for Law Firms?

For law firms, Google My Business is a fantastic platform to be on. It is a tool for attorneys that helps them locate new clients through Google’s local search. One way to look at it is claiming your very own listing in Google’s business directory.

There is a Google My Business Checklist that all businesses should follow, no matter what industry they are in and this is especially true for law firms who need to make sure all of their information is easily accessible. Whether clients find you through billboards or referrals, they will research your law firm through the Internet. The information you provide online plays a vital role. You must remember to list important details about your firm, like business hours, contact information, client reviews, FAQs, and more.

Despite all of the potential things you could already do for your legal Google My Business, Google has added a lot of new features recently, and you can benefit from these changes. Here is how Google My Business is essential for your law firm:

Google My Business Posts

Google My Business is a great platform to publish your content on, as it will be featured directly on your listing. Updating your day-to-day activities, company events, and other information about your services will get your clients’ attention. One more thing: Never forget to emphasize happy clients on your posts, as it will surely take your online presence to the next level. Take Google My Business posting seriously and do it regularly. It is essential for your success, and doing so will help to increase your local rankings. 

Google My Business Messaging

An attorney’s clients expect regular and prompt communication, as you are handling their legal involvements for them. You are a professional lawyer, and your firm will look much better if you are always available for them. It will help if you have an excellent method for answering their queries as quickly as possible. Google My Business messaging allows you to have a one-on-one interaction with your clients and satisfy their queries quickly and effectively!

Google My Business Questions and Answers

Google My Business has launched a feature where users can ask questions regarding anything about your business. This allows you to interact with potential customers with ease.

You heard it right: Anyone with an active Google account can submit any question. They can provide reviews, as well, which will not always be positive. Brace yourself and be prepared to respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative.

Google My Business Guidelines

We all make mistakes, and everybody could use a handy, easy-to-understand guide. Smart attorneys sometimes make big blunders in their business practice and lose clients as a result.

First of all, not specifying your practice area on your Google My Business is horrible and can lead to prospective clients contacting you for case types you don’t handle. There is no doubt that many lawyers work in a variety of fields, so if you specialize, it’s best to be up front about where your legal expertise lies.

Secondly, it is so not acceptable to list details that do not match your actual profile. List the actual name, address, and contact information of your firm, or be ready to receive a deluge of complaints. Yes, people do report such business, so never take the risk!

Finally, do not bother to mention junior lawyers under your law practice. Once an attorney quits your practice, they might have ownership access to your page, the result of which might not be pretty!

Google My Business is truly a crucial tool for law firms, and it must be properly utilized. Take all these features seriously, and you will grow as a successful attorney!