Why cornerboard protective packaging is important

Also known as angleboard, cornerboard protective packaging can make all the difference if you’re serious about protecting your products. Whether they are being stored or shipped, cornerboarding offers items that are palletised protection. Strapping can cause damage, but then there’s also the general risk of denting and damage from stretch film. You want your product to arrive in a safe, damage-free state. You have a responsibility to offer your clients this guarantee when you ship your pallets or boxes, and this is one way you can do this.

They’re particularly useful when handling building materials, metal parts and products that require the edges of pallets to be protected – and to prevent them from damaging other pallets that come into contact with them. They’re also known to stabilise roll stock and improve stack strength. Another bonus? Cornerboards have moisture-resistant properties so that they can be used in all weather conditions.

When looking for protective packaging solutions, you’ll easily find standard cornerboard and angleboard options. They come in a wide range of sizes and widths. However, you can also chat with suppliers who will likely also be able to offer you custom printing. They can be printed with your logo, marketing material, or product information. High-quality flexographic processes will make sure you achieve accurate colour and sharpness in print.

Let’s recap some of the benefits you will inject into your business by using cornerboard.

  • You will achieve superior stacking ability due to better column strength offer by using cornerboard.
  • Containers will achieve better stabalisation.
  • Cornerboards offer increased stacking strength for internal reinforcement.
  • It will protect products from strapping, which can cause damage.
  • Items made out of wood will have their edges protected.
  • It will help business owners reduce costs incurred by packaging damage.
  • The surfaces can be printed as part of a branding portfolio.

Look for products that have a solid fibre construction, which boosts strength needed when you are using forklifts to lift and drop. They assist by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area.

Let’s take a closer look at the options for package protection.

Down-gauging. A water-resistant product is made out of piles of paper that are heat bonded. This forms firm right angles. The benefit is that they are very dense and therefore strong. While still lightweight, this package protector is useful for protecting the product from strapping and stretch film. The benefits:

  • It is cost-effective
  • It is high performing
  • If offers increased strength so you can reduce caliper or leg lengths which will offer cost savings
  • It is water and moisture resistant so it will not break down during transit or storage and can be used outdoors

Lay-flat-tubing is another product that is designed to prevent damage, such as scratching while products are being transported. It can be sourced in a range of paper grades and weights. It can be purchased as a roll or pre-cut to suit your size requirements.

Then there is protect-a-board. It is constructed with 90-degree angles, which gives the product integrity and stability. The edges which naturally occur with a palletised freight are well protected from strapping and other problems that occur (stretch film damage, dents, and scuffing). These are all common forms of damage linked to shipping and handling. Again this product can be printed with a company logo or product identification details. It works well to protect:

  • lumber and building materials
  • furniture and household appliances
  • metal goods such as stainless steel

If you need to ensure you are using your warehouse space efficiently, and avoid wasting space, consider looking at a product like StackMaster. You can use it to resist the compression levels of items that are stacked and maximise your stacking loads. The higher your stacking loads, the more warehouse space you need available. If you need more space, take a look at some of the metal buildings Iowa has available and create a space that woks well for you. Metal buildings are great as they’re durable and reliable. You can also reduce the thickness of the caliper board without risking the security of the loads. It is economical for business mainly because when you load you are able to pack a lot more items per pallet as the product is thinner than others in the market. The fewer pallets you are shipping, the lower your freight costs and warehousing requirements will be. This is definitely something to think about when you plan to send freight by sea to Italy or elsewhere in Europe as you’ll want to keep costs down as much as possible at your end when running an operation with an international reach.

What about strap protection? Strap protectors can be applied to a range of goods. They can be applied manually and then secured using either manual or semi-automatic strapping tools and machines. They offer protection to irregularly palatalised freight, such as metal coils and rolls of fine paper. The notches can be spaced. This means they can handle varying roll and coil circumferences.

What are machine grade strap protectors? These offer superior protection for those shipping pallets, and items such as lumber and plywood that are at risk of being damaged by strapping. They can hold up to high tension strapping as they are applied over a wide area.

Applied by a strapping machine, they effectively protect packaging and pallets from strap damage.