When would you need VPS hosting?

Selecting a hosting plan is a big deal as it affects how your site performs. There are a lot of different options, many of which will do the job. That being said, a virtual private server (VPS) is an affordable, flexible, and powerful option that is a natural progression from a basic shared plan. A shared hosting plan is an excellent option to start with, but as your site gets bigger, shared hosting will no longer be sufficient. Therefore, the question becomes, at what point do you switch from shared to VPS hosting?

Shared hosting offers one server that is used by hundreds, possibly thousands of websites. VPS hosting is similar in that one server is shared among several sites; however, unlike Shared hosting, VPS gives you your own dedicated section. So although you still share a physical server, you have your own environment. You don’t have to share resources with the other sites using the server, and you can customize your server settings.

VPS hosting plans come in different packages, allowing you to increase your resources as the needs of your website grow. For instance, with Greengeeks VPS hosting, you can choose from three plans offering varying amounts of disk space and CPU. As a result, you can quickly scale your hosting plan to keep up with the demands of your site.

In addition to being scalable, VPS hosting offers several other benefits:

●     Performance: Every VPS has its own set of resources. This means that your site’s performance won’t be affected by traffic spikes on other websites.

●     Complete control: VPS lets you customize your server’s settings; you can even install complex software.

●     Security: As a result of the virtualization process, each VPS compartment is safeguarded from the decisions and actions of other customers. Additionally, most providers offer dedicated IP addresses that provide increased protection against being blacklisted.

The main reason to choose VPS is performance. If you have a sustained increase in your bounce rate, if your website’s load times are on the rise, or if you’re getting a lot of downtimes, that might be a sign to upgrade to a VPS. Performance can dramatically affect your goals for your website. For example, if your product pages are slow to load, this can reduce your sales. Therefore you’ll want to choose a VPS hosting plan to ensure the consistent performance of your site.

Furthermore, VPS offers many of the same benefits of dedicated hosting but is much more affordable. When it comes to budget, VPS is the ideal middle option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest option, but it offers the least amount of performance, control, and security. Dedicated hosting, by contrast, is the most expensive option, but it affords the best performance, control, and security. However, most sites don’t need a dedicated server. A VPS will do the job of a dedicated server for medium to large businesses at a fraction of the cost.

Like a dedicated server, VPS allows you to customize your server at the beginning, as well as make adjustments later on. Most providers will let you choose your operating system, as well as the software you want to install. Additionally, many VPS plans will give you secure, direct server access (SSH). This is especially useful if your site has unique needs. You could learn more about how to SSH add key and other commands, through online resources like the one Linode provides.

VPS also offers excellent options for keeping your site secure. In general, VPS security includes dedicated malware scans, monitoring, improved firewalls, and website backups. Furthermore, because VPS is a compartmentalized environment, your site won’t be impacted by other sites on your server.

Accordingly, you would need VPS hosting for the following reasons:

●     You operate an eCommerce, business, or other high traffic sites,

●     You require increased security,

●     You have a slightly higher budget.

VPS hosting services aren’t the right choice for everyone. However, if you have slow loading speeds, rising traffic levels, desire a higher level of security, and you can afford a slightly higher cost, then VPS hosting is the right choice for you.