What’s New With Clover 2 for 2020

2020 is finally here and many businesses are thinking about how they can improve their operations to make this new year and decade the best so far. For many businesses, an upgraded point of sale system would help them run more efficiently. If you have looked at Clover 2 previously, you may want to take another look in 2020. Some recent updates have brought interesting new features.

Clover Dining Upgrades

The right POS system is essential in the restaurant industry. With its powerful dining tools, the new Clover Station is a great option. In 2019, this system received some impressive updates. For example, staff can now move guests between tables easily. If a customer wants to move to another seat at the bar, join another table or simply move to a better seat in the house, you can accommodate that with a couple of taps.

Guests can also split the cost of whole table items more easily. Historically, the only way to split a bill has been either dividing up items or the total amount. However, what if guests want to pay for their own food choices but also want to share an appetizer or dessert? Clover can now divide the whole table item between each guest.

Staff can also combine orders between tables. Sometimes guests want to treat other guests to a free meal or pick up the tab for a friend. This is now possible by simply combining the orders under a single bill. These types of tools make running a successful restaurant easier than ever.

New Flex

The second generation of Clover Flex was released in November of 2019, ready for the new year. This features a more powerful mobile device at its core. It also received some special upgrades. For example, staff using Flex can now more easily move guests around the restaurant. One of the great aspects of Flex is that it features the same functionality as the full-size Clover Station but in a much more convenient package.

Happy Hour Discounts

Happy hour is a time-honored method of getting people into your bar or restaurant for drinks. Clover has made it easier than ever to support this practice with a simpler discount system during happy hour. There is also now the option to add a discount to individual items. Your staff now has more methods than ever to give customers great discounts for their after-work drinks.

New Receipt Screens

Earlier in 2019, Clover added to the retail functionality new screens that appear on the customer-facing portion of Clover. They can choose how they want to receive their receipts and enter contact information (if desired) without having to turn the device back to staff. It is easier than ever to serve customers in retail.

Check Out Clover Again

2019 brought some great changes to Clover for the new year. So, if you haven’t yet, take a look at Clover for 2020 and decide if it is right for you. Don’t forget to get the right merchant account to work with Clover. With the right tools in hand, you can grow your business more in 2020 than ever before.