What the Best International Shipping Companies Can Offer

M S C cargo ship sailing

Shipping doesn’t have to be complicated. However, as soon as you begin shipping bigger boxes to more corners of the globe, it’s critical that things get done properly. By working with the best international shipping companies, you can ensure that your items are taken care of from start to finish.

Every shipping company is different. The best ones are going to offer an array of services to ensure all of your needs are met.

Proper Packaging

Good shipping companies understand how to package items so that they are cared for throughout the transportation process. This includes considering the packaging materials that will be used, such as wood crates or corrugated packaging. Additionally, it involves looking at specialized packaging needs:

  • Moisture-prevention
  • Vapor barrier bagging
  • ISPM 15 certified crates

Whether you know what’s needed to ship specific items or not, you can work with companies that will use their experience and knowledge to take care of packaging everything properly for transport.

Comprehensive Shipping Options

Delivery options can vary – they may have to go door-to-door, port-to-port, and more. Some items may be able to take weeks to arrive while others may need to arrive in two days. The best international shipping companies will be able to discuss options.

You can look at freight by rail, truck, air, and ocean. It allows you to get things to where they need to go in a timely and affordable way. Particularly when time is of the essence, you need to know what your shipping options are as opposed to being given a generic option that “everyone” uses. You see each has its different downfalls and benefits. For example, many trucking companies have the advantages of tracking and autonomous trucks software, whereas air freight will be quick and easy. Sometimes both are needed for international transportations.

Documentation and Customs Handled

Importing and exporting can be overwhelming. You will need to ensure the documentation is handled properly based on what the items are and where they’re being shipped to. While the customs paperwork can be overwhelming, it is easier when you work with those who specialize in such things.

If paperwork isn’t handled properly, it can slow your shipments down, result in significant fees, and even prevent your shipments from ever arriving at their final destination.

Affordable Logistics Considered

The logistics of shipping can be comprehensive. You have to consider what’s being shipped, to where, and how quickly. The more shipments you have and the more destinations you’re shipping to, the more overwhelming it can be.

Particularly as e-commerce gains popularity, it’s more important to look at the logistics of getting everything to where it needs to be. Additionally, you also have to manage the cost of shipping.

Affordable logistics doesn’t have to be your headache. By working with the best international shipping companies, they can run the logistics for you. They’ll determine whether you will need less than container or full container loads, what shipping methods will be used, and more.

Whether you’re shipping a single box or you’re shipping massive items on a weekly basis, you need to look at what an international shipping company can offer. It ensures the needs of your business are prioritized while handing the logistics and overall management of shipments over to someone who is more capable.