UK Councils Made £100M From Rising Funeral Fees in 2018

The increasing costs of funerals in the UK meant that council profits surged to over £100 million in 2018. The cost of an average burial funeral now stands at almost £5.000. With the average price of a cremation funeral being at £3,500+. Funeral director’s fees include the collection of the deceased, care of the deceased, coffin preparation, the hearse. This steep increase has been linked back to the increase in the cost of land for burial sites, higher salaries for crematorium workers and gravediggers and cuts to local councils’ budgets which in turn leads to the rise in crematorium costs

This increasing cost has been so extreme that cremation, burial and mortuary businesses that serve their local authorities are now operating with an average profit rating of 45%.

With the average funeral cost not looking to slow down anytime soon, it makes us wonder how much more it’s going to increase in the many years to come. For one, critics across the county have already described this level of increase as immoral and have accused local councils of further pushing their communities in “funeral poverty”.

How Much Does the Average Funeral Cost Now?

Last year, the average cost of a basic funeral was £4,270 in the United Kingdom. This is the average cost of organising a service directly with a funeral director who will help plan the service on their client’s behalf.

Funeral director’s fees make up a large percentage of the £4,270 figure which is £2,595 on average. Then there is the burial or cremation, with the average cost of a typical cremation being just over £800, and burial coming to £2,200. The total funeral cost can vary on different factors including where the client or their loved one lived, the selected funeral director, and how much they spend on optional extras, such as the funeral venue, food and drink for guests, the headstone, floral tributes, and funeral transport.

What Are the Trends and Predictions That Could Further Fuel the Increase This Year?

  1. Expensive Extras

Many funeral providers offer comprehensive and all-inclusive packages, which can vastly ramp up the cost of a funeral service. Floral tributes, food and drink, high-class transport and bespoke coffins all contribute a premium funeral cost. Other funeral extras can also include:

  • Maintenance of the grave
  • Live music
  • Coffin/casket trimmings
  • Embalming
  • Burial vaults
  1. Technology and Broadcasting

As more and more innovative technologies enter the marketplace and disruptive the daily lives of everyone, their place in funeral will also become more popular in 2019. Typical funerals are generally organised very quickly and as a result, means that many family members cannot attend the funeral service. This is fuelling funeral broadcasting, and many more funeral directors are offering this new type of service.

  1. Contemporary Funeral Venues

An increasing amount of families are now choosing to contemporary funeral venues over traditional ones like churches or crematoriums. Personalisation is also becoming more and more important when it comes to remembering somebody who has passed. More and more funerals are being organised to reflect the personality of the person who has died.

  1. More People Are Feeling Pressurised

More and more people are feeling pressurised into spending far more money than they can afford because they feel they have to give them the perfect send-off. However, the most successful and meaningful funerals are the ones that are more personal, and this doesn’t mean that people need to spend a premium amount of money to create this atmosphere. Hosting a giant funeral might actually take the focus away from the person who has passed away.

More People Are Securing Funerals at Today’s Prices

These rising funeral costs are prompting more and more people to consider pre-paying for their send-off. Prepaid plans can be bought from a funeral plan provider or local funeral director.

The costs will depend on the type of package that is chosen, and they normally start from around £3,000 for the most basic plan. People usually have the option of making a one-off payment when taking out the plan or they can choose to make multiple payment instalments.

With a prepaid funeral, all the essential costs are covered in the plan, such as funeral director fees, coffin, transport and venue hire. Personal touches can be added such as the music and readings as part of the funeral service if the person wishes.

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