Type of investments available in the United Kingdom

In 2022, new investors are spoiled for choice when it comes to the types of investments available in the UK. Once you have identified your ambitions, both from a life and economic point of view, you can choose the investment areas that interest you most and start building your investment portfolio, always trying to diversify the assets inside it as much as possible. A diversified portfolio is in fact crucial for your investments, as every investment you make will react differently according to the field it belongs to. Nowadays, you can invest your capital in stocks, shares, bonds, real estate, commodities and EFTs as well. Let’s have a look on all the options.

Where to invest in the UK

An investment journey starts with the choice of your investment fields. As already mentioned, it is always better to diversify your investment portfolio as much as possible in order to reduce any possible risk. However, you should always be aware of the market’s volatility and constant swings. Here you are a list of the most common kind of investments.


ETFs, which are also called Exchange Traded Funds, are a relatively new type of investment

that offer a wide range of benefits. These particular kinds of assets have been created to combine all the characteristics of mutual funds and the easiness of management and exchange of stocks. As a matter of fact, an ETF is a collection of investments like bonds or stocks that lets the holder make investments in a great variety of securities all at once, while also ensuring lower fees than other kind of accounts. A gold ETF, on the other hand, is a particular type of Exchange Traded Fund purposely intended to observe the gold market price as it fluctuates. Exactly as it happens with regular EFTS, when investing in gold ETFs in the UK you’ll be basically acquiring shares. Their value will then swing depending on the current price of gold or on the share’s value.


Stocks, which are also called equities or shares, are the most common and popular kind of investment in the United Kingdom. When making the purchase of stocks, your goal is to see the price grow so you can be able to sell it at a later time for a higher price. Even though this might seem like a very easy way to invest your capital, you should always remember that the performance of your investment will depend on the market’s fluctuations and you could easily see the price go down as well.


Bonds are also another product in which it is possible to invest your capital. When buying bonds, you’ll be basically lending money to a company or to a government entity. Your goal will be to get interest payments. As a matter of fact, when a bond grows you are able to get your principal amount back. But you should always remember that the risk of getting less than you invested is always around the corner.

Pension Schemes

Pension schemes are also a really common way to start invest money. By including a retirement plan in your investment portfolio, you’ll be basically investing money for your future. Saving money for when you stop working is crucial to try to ensure a more stable and peaceful economic future. Like any other kind of investment, when you invest in your pension scheme, you’re giving your money the chance to grow over time, but you’re also putting at risk. The money invested in a pension fund is also subject to the market fluctuations and you might end up getting less than what you deposited.


Lastly, commodities are another really common investment which consists of physical goods and products such as metals, energy and more.

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