Things to look for when choosing an IT support provider

With so many IT companies to choose from, all offering various packages and outsourced it services, sifting through the options can be a challenging task. To make this process less gruelling, we’ve highlighted some of the things you should be looking for when choosing an IT support company.

Response Times

When choosing an IT support provider, it’s important to choose one that can respond to your queries within a reasonable amount of time. Remember to note that this can vary depending on the type of support you have opted for.

On the flip side of this, not all IT related problems can be resolved in a short time frame, so be wary of any IT support companies that guarantee to resolve your problems in a specific time frame, they should be giving you a varied and estimated time for each issue.


In some cases, your IT support provider may need to come to your premises to fix an issue if this cannot be done remotely.

You will benefit from a company that offers great remote support but is also close enough to come and fix any issues without having to travel a long way which could lead to longer downtime. For example, if your business is located in Kanas City, it would be wise to use a Kansas City managed it service, compared to one you may find across the country.

The right size for your business

Similarly, to how you may only work with certain sized clients because of your capabilities, not all support companies are ideal for every business. It is key to look at what each provider can offer in terms of their levels of support and what you will get depending on the size of your business and the amount you are paying them.

You also want to look for an IT provider who has the flexibility to scale up and down depending on what services you require as the size of your business changes. When choosing a support company, ask them about the size of their current team to see if they can continue to offer more assistance as you grow, and the costs involved with making changes to the levels of managed IT solutions they provide.

Testimonials and case studies

As with most businesses, an IT support company that provides good service and value will have several testimonials and case studies displayed on their website.

Prior to meeting them personally, take some time to read testimonials from their site and establish whether any of their clients are in a similar industry to you. It’s handy to know that they have experience in providing services to similar businesses to yours.