The Big Job Change of 2021

With the big shift seeing remote working becoming a more permanent fixture and the huge impact it has had in changing our day today with the ability to spend more time in our favourite hobbies as some here are the big favourites, or even just spending more time with the family as cutting out the commute time has been a big change for many, it has shown that there is a big change coming to the job markets in 2021 – but how could this impact those that are already working, those that have started to look for a new position, and those who are hoping to find something for their first time in 2021?

The primary cause for change has come from those being forced back into office work after eighteen months of either fully remote working or hybrid-working – surveys for in-office personnel have shown the majority are much keener to work remotely full time, and those who have had the option taken away are more likely to seek out a new job that offers the benefit of a more permanent change to remote, often with higher pay and a new job title too. 

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For those who have recently started to look for a new position, this is certainly ringing true too, searches can be expanded much further afield with the promise that remote work doesn’t tie job opportunities to a singular location and often provides much greater benefits with these same possibilities too, it is giving individuals a chance to apply for positions they may not have been able to do before simply because the company is now offering full remote working options with no requirement to ever go to the office, and is changing the job application process for the better in many instances.

And finally, for those looking to secure their first job whether just turning of age or recently graduated, the same as above is true and it’s starting to set new working expectations – whilst it may be more difficult to get settled in at first and learn the ropes as you’d usually have a co-worker close by to answer any questions, the push towards other communication platforms like Slack and Teams provide all of the support but also give the opportunity to work in a much more flexible way to fit your own approach to work.

This flexible approach will be key moving forward and those who aren’t willing to enable remote working may certainly start to lose some key and valued employees, particularly as the promise of something better continues to ring true, if jobs aren’t offering remote possibilities in 2021 then they’re certainly falling behind and may find it more difficult to hire the best people without bigger incentives.

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