The best UK cities to live and work in 2019

Whether you’re looking to move to a new city to buy your first home, take advantage of new work opportunities, or you just fancy a fresh start, the UK is filled with so many great options. While London is usually the first place people look when it comes to living and working in the UK, you’ll find that other cities offer the same opportunities and quality of living – often with a more affordable cost.

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Here are a few of the best UK cities to consider moving to in 2019 and beyond.


Home to a rich culture and history, along with a range of fantastic business prospects, universities and more, this Northern gem makes the perfect city to live in. More and more people have been moving to Manchester as of late, with record numbers of Londoners having chosen to live in the city in 2017. It isn’t hard to see why people are looking away from London, especially for those looking to purchase their first home. Property in London is notoriously expensive, with the average home costing 484,173. Over in Manchester, on the other hand, you can expect to pay just 173,381 on average, making it a lot easier for many people to get on the property ladder up North than in the capital. Those interested in investing in buy to let property will also find better prospects in the North West, with Manchester properties from RW Invest offering low prices and competitive yields.


Just a short train ride away from Manchester, Liverpool is another key UK city to consider for your big move. Voted one of the friendliest UK cities on more than one occasion, Liverpool is the perfect city to live and work in for those who want a change of pace from London life. Much like Manchester, buying property in Liverpool is highly affordable, and the strong nightlife, leisure attractions and business scene make this city particularly popular with younger generations. Home to some big business names like Unilever, Shop Direct, Matalan and more, Liverpool welcomes high numbers of young professionals and students each year. With a range of regeneration projects in place for the city over the upcoming years, the economy of Liverpool is only expected to grow stronger, making 2019 the perfect time to make your mark on this dynamic city.


Leeds is another city that proves just how much opportunity there is up North. This Yorkshire city is home to the second largest financial sector, with over 124,000 people employed in the industry. Further business opportunities are also set to arise further down the line and bring a number of new jobs for the city’s residents, with Channel 4 choosing Leeds as the location for their new national headquarters. With an average property price of 178,735, London leavers will also benefit from buying a home in this city, whilst the cost of renting is also significantly cheaper than in the capital.