The Best Brands of 2020

The year 2020 has been like none other. Political dramas and widespread wildfires were soon eclipsed by COVID-19 pandemic, which has created unprecedented challenges for so many businesses.

Those companies that have adapted and innovated during lockdown are well placed to survive – and possibly thrive – as the recovery takes hold.

As many people had no choice but to stay at home for most of 2020, what is clear in the midst of the unrest and uncertainty is just how interconnected we all are as researchers have now discovered the household names that have helped deal with the ups, downs and hardships of this year.

According to a new study by promotional experts Netflix has emerged as the best brand that is helping Brits through 2020.

Runner-up was the retail giant Amazon which kept deliveries going throughout lock-down, keeping people in supply of everything from home schooling supplies to electronics for the millions of home workers.

It’s of no surprise then that Facebook came third, followed by WhatsApp, Youtube, TikTok and Spotify as lockdown accelerated the increase of online consumer activities across digital channels, with many looking for ways to boost their TikTok Followers, and followings on other social media platforms, to further grow their accounts and reach as many people as possible with their content.

Although technology brands feature highly on the list, brands from more traditional industries are hot on their heels and have helped to keep our spirts up. These companies include: Cadbury’s; Marks & Spencer; ASOS; Lego and Disney. Click here to read the Best Brands Report .

Nearly half (48%) of 1500 people polled said they spent more money than usual during the period of lockdown.  In fact, data from ONS reveals that online retail sales are now 50% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Why have some brands boomed this year?

  • Their ability to adapt
  • Good sales and offers
  • Strong online presence
  • The reliability of products or services
  • Speed of delivery.

It seems that competitive pricing coupled with a strong brand presence has never been more important!


*More than 1500 people were surveyed online. Independent research was commissioned by 4imprint and conducted by Perspective Global. The sample included UK consumers and employees between 18-65 years old.