Surprising benefits of better ventilation for your business

Fresh air really is good for you. It’s also good for your staff, visitors and customers. This means that a high-quality ventilation system, like those provided from AC services in Sun City for example, is a very worthwhile investment. Here is a quick guide to what you need to know.

Effective ventilation allows people to breathe more easily

The importance of ventilation has been highlighted by COVID19. It was, however, valuable long before the pandemic and will still be valuable after the pandemic has been consigned to the history books.

Humans need the right balance of gases in the atmosphere, basically fresh air. If we do not get this then we can start to feel ill. This may be one factor in “sick building syndrome” (although there are many others). People with existing respiratory conditions (like asthma) are likely to be most affected, so poor air may become a health and safety issue.

Even if you manage to avoid lawsuits, you may find that poor ventilation creates “invisible costs” for your company. For example, staff sickness absences may go up or people may come into work feeling unwell and hence less productive. You may also experience higher staff turnover as people move on to a place with a better working environment.

Effective ventilation disperses pollutants

How important this is will depend on your industry. Most businesses will, however, generate some forms of pollution, even if it’s only the gases created by cleaning chemicals. All businesses are at risk of mould if humidity levels become too high and mould can be a serious health risk, especially to people with existing respiratory conditions.

Even without this risk, mould can be an expensive inconvenience. As a minimum, you can expect to have to put facilities out of use until they are cleaned thoroughly. You may have to replace certain fixtures and fittings e.g. shower curtains. At worst, you could be looking at a heavy-duty and very expensive deep clean.

If nothing else, effective ventilation simply makes a building smell better. Odour issues are inevitable in crowded environments. Individually they may be minor but collectively they can add up. This is probably most noticeable right after lunchtimes, when you have staff eating, staff coming back from the gym and staff returning from smoke breaks. Therefore, it is important that a company’s HVAC system is up to scratch and is regularly maintained by experts like those found at for example.

Effective ventilation helps to regulate temperatures

In modern office buildings, it’s often possible for people to overheat at any time of year. In summer, the sun will shine its warmth on windows, turning buildings essentially into greenhouses for humans. In winter, central heating is set at a level which plays to the averages, but which may be too high for some people, especially if there is winter sunshine as well. This is why most companies will acquire the service of experts, like those found at, to install a reliable air conditioning system.And if your house does not have a central heating system. Contact with an energy grant specialist to get a free central heating grant.

Effective ventilation doesn’t just cool the air temperature. It also wicks away any sweat on the skin. This is essential for cooling the body. In fact, if sweat remains on the skin it actually makes people feel warmer.

Getting ventilation right can actually improve the overall energy efficiency of your building. Essentially, you want your ventilation to work in harmony with your heating and cooling. The general idea is to use the minimum level of energy to heat or cool the building and then have the air do the rest of the work as it circulates.

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