Starting An Electrical Services Business During A Pandemic: Why It’s A Great Option For Skilled Traders

For many of the thousands of employees who have been made redundant thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, now is a time of career reflection and forward-thinking.

If you’re looking for a new adventure, or to use your skills to help others and give yourself a new vocation, then offering electrical services could be the perfect solution.

As electricians are now in high demand and earning more than many young criminal barristers, this could be an ideal business venture for a savvy, skilled tradesperson.

If you have the skills to offer electrical services or are eager to earn qualifications and start, then read on to find out more about what starting an electrical services business during a pandemic entails.

Find Out What Customers Need

As with any business idea, before you start, you need to work out what customers need and how you can give it to them. In today’s society, where many individuals are spending a lot of time at home, the need for safe home visits will be high, while commercial jobs are reduced because many companies have had to shut their premises. With so many challenges and many individuals facing stressful circumstances, you might also find that customers will appreciate emergency appointments. Try to adapt your marketing and business strategy around these requirements to get your electrical services company off to a great start.

Use Software To Streamline Your Business

With many individuals housebound and reliant on their electrical appliances, the demand for electricians is high right now. As such, you need to be organised and professional, so that you can support your new clients and create a long-term relationship with them. Servu offers a complete field management tool for electricians, so you can organise all of your jobs and quickly create a quote, schedule an appointment and more. 

Abide By Social Distancing

Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount for many homeowners, thanks to the airborne nature of the virus. As such, you need to show your potential clients that you are able to offer them a service that is socially distant where possible. If you’re not able to stay out of someone’s home or away from them, then you need to reassure them that every precaution will be taken and that you will keep their property clean and safe.

Market Your Services Online

Remote working, fear and regulations are all keeping many individuals stuck in their homes and using the internet for long periods of time. If you want to reach them and show that your new business offers them the electrical services they need, then you’ll have to invest in digital marketing and advertising. Create a website and social media presence for your firm, then work with SEO experts and digital marketers to grow your online reach and attract a wide range of customers.

Adapt Around The Changing Situation

The Coronavirus looks set to change the way that the world does business forever, but these developments might take time to unfold. New regulations are being issued regularly, and it’s still unclear how consumers and homeowners will feel going forward. As such, you need to be ready to adapt your electrical services business to this changing corporate landscape. Keep up to date with the latest regulations and developments, so that you can offer your clients the service they need during these trying times and further into the future. When starting a new business during a crisis, it’s essential that you put a lot of hard work and effort into creating a loyal client base. Use these tips to find inspiration and drive your new business venture towards lasting success despite the current situation.