Spruce up Your Storefront to Get Customers’ Attention

Getting people to notice your physical storefront starts with what you have to offer visually. A great window display can bring people back again and again. Plants help imbue life into your storefront, and an air dancer uses movement to catch the eye and the imagination. Whatever techniques you use, you want to be able to use that attention to get people to come in or to get them to your website.

Look in the Window

Stores have been using window displays for a long time. Macy’s was famous for their Christmas displays, and Disney Parks still use imaginative window displays on their Main Streets. Designing a great window display will have people stopping by to see what you’ve come up with. Tell a story with your window, and you’ll be sure to see a rise in sales. Or you could take a page out of Google’s playbook and go for something minimalist that highlights your favorite product.

Signs of Life

Plants, especially in the spring and summer, are a great addition to your storefront. Hanging plants outside gives your store a cozy, homey feeling that will invite people to come in. The best plants to choose are colorful flowers that few people are allergic to. Petunias and begonias are good choices for color; spider plants are great to avoid aggravating allergies.

Movement Is Important

Human biology is geared to seeing movement. Advertising air dancers take advantage of that by drawing the eye to them as they dance in a random pattern powered by a fan below. Because they run on electricity you don’t have to worry about the wind dying down. Triangle flags add color and a festive look to the outside of your shop, and custom flags can show off your logo. Feather flags are great for catching the wind and can be customized to tell people what you have in stock.

Do Something with the Attention

Once the air dancer, plants, window displays, and other improvements have done their jobs, you need to make sure you keep that person’s attention. While some of your outside signage and attention-getters will be moved inside when you’re closed, others will still be working for your store. Businesses should really consider investing in a telescoping fiberglass flagpole to fly their company flag consistently. This would catch people’s attention and allow people to see where your business is located. Alternatively, if people get drawn to your window display, at night, you can use a QR code to send them to your website where they’ll be able to order anything they see in the window and find out more about your business.