Saving business costs without sacrificing customer service

Outstanding customer service is one of the key ways for a brand not only to engage with customers, but also to maintain their loyalty – and it works both offline and online. You need to build a brand that fuses excellent service with superb value for money, but you might think that such a combination comes at a hefty cost. This doesn’t have to be the case though. Take a look at these great ways to keep business costs down while maintaining the quality service that sets your business apart from your competitors.

Focus of your target audience

If you aren’t absolutely familiar with your target audience then your turnover could take a hit. Without a target audience identified, you could be fuelling projects which aren’t benefitting you or your customers. If you take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to business, then you are missing the mark when it comes to making the right investments.

Listening to the people that you are trying to sell to in an undervalued approach that can deliver impressive results when it comes to boosting customer value. But customer feedback is a tool that often falls by the wayside. The things that you could learn might provide you with a new focus for your strategic decisions. Or, and you might identify areas where you are spending a considerable amount on yet not seeing any results in.

Get started by developing marketing personas for segments you already appeal to, and don’t shy away from tapping into new audiences by analysing how your product/service could apply to them. From finding out how your customers discover your business to understanding their buying behaviours, you can gain a better understanding of exactly why they choose your product or service over cheaper alternatives. Find out what it is that adds value to your brand and refine your finances accordingly. You could enjoy a budget that achieves more by spending less.

Reducing your carbon footprint

The climate change narrative is gaining more momentum every day. After all, we must all do our bit to help reverse the effects of our harmful habits related to human activity. If your brand is yet to fully recognise this, then now is the time. By opting for an eco-friendlier business strategy, you will benefit from lower costs, allowing you to focus on your service and tap into a new niche. Many customers are looking to see commitment to the issue of climate change, and by embodying these values, your customers will notice.

Approaching your printing habits with some ‘green’ tinted glasses could be a great first step towards becoming an eco-friendlier business. You can opt for waste disposal schemes and printer recycling facilities easily. Reduce the carbon output of your office further by committing to turning lights off and unplugging devices where possible, bringing your electricity bill costs down. You could also outsource to a company specializing in managed print services to do your printing for you. Not only would they be able to make sure your printing is done professionally, but they would also be more efficient and therefore better for the environment.

Upcycling is also another great way to take action against climate change while also presenting your brand as considerate and aware. So next time you want to give your business or office a refresh with some quirky furniture additions, why not consider choosing vintage or second-hand pieces? You can create a unique workplace by experimenting with aesthetics and this is a great way to do so while also being greener – throwaway culture is a key element of the carbon boom that needs to be tackled.

By making these minor changes, you can add value to the service that your business offers while also saving costs – and reducing your overall carbon footprint!

Outsource some activities

Outsourcing might seem like a costly choice for your business, but it can free up a lot of internal time allowing you to focus on other key business priorities. From social media marketing to investing in a PR strategy, outsourcing can help develop your brand image. A creative marketing agency is perfect to consult for these kinds of services, and you can get involved directly with how each strategy is generating – allowing you to consider the things that you know your customers value already.

Other areas of your business operations that you could outsource include payroll and recruitment. The recruitment industry itself is worth a staggering 35million, so take your business to the forefront of sourcing personnel and commit more of your time to boosting internal value for your customers.

While some costs are inevitable, you can find ways to make your business finances go further. From giving your current managed print solutions a ‘green’ makeover to outsourcing some activities, you can cut costs without jeopardising the existing value that your customers place on your brand too – and also add new points of value for your audience to appreciate!