Safe Supplement Packaging More Important Than Ever

For a large number of reasons, now is not the time for a company to relax on all things associated with safety. Any advantage you can find in the realm of consumer safety is a good thing. Of course, it could protect you from legal action, whether merited or not, but it is also what the customer wants. In the realm of packaging, such innovations as convenient and effective childproof pouches can only strengthen your company. They adapt well to the following products:

  • Medicines
  • Cosmetics
  • Household cleaners
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Dietary supplements
  • Herbal medicines

The goal of child resistant packaging according to the Consumer Product Safety Division is to prevent a child of under five of age from opening a package in a reasonable time. The package should also be reasonably easy for an adult to open properly. Look for child-resistant packaging that has been tested by a third party to earn the CPSD’s certification.

The Right Packaging for Dietary Supplements

Supplements often contain substances that could be harmful to young children. By working with one of the best supplement packaging companies, you can ensure the safety of your product. You will also get nice looking packaging that will polish your brand image and attract they eye of customers on the shelf or on your website. The safety features built into the packaging include certification from the CPSD, resealable child-proof zippers and spill-proof design that guard against the spilling of powders.

The right packaging can also protect your brand’s reputation, an important consideration in the supplement field. With a QR code printed on the flexible packaging, you get track and trace capability that allows consumers to learn about how the product was sourced. Consumers can also verify the authenticity of a product and protect themselves against counterfeiters. Smart labeling and design allows you to announce the best features of your supplements such as quality ingredients and product benefits. With all of these functional enhancements, the packaging can still look sharp with high-definition graphics and embellishments such as mosaic and collage designs and glossy or soft-touch finishes.

The Right Packaging for the Environment

Smart and affordable packaging choices can also be kind to the environment. Whether you are an avowed tree hugger or a classic businessperson, eco friendly packaging makes sense on many levels. By reducing waste throughout the process, you save money and reduce materials, waste and energy consumption. You can also tap into the large market of consumers that look for products and companies that support environmental practices. The digital printing process sources materials that can be recycled and composted. Earth-friendly films and sustainable inks tread gentler on the earth, air and water. The ability to order on demand with low order options reduces waste. Custom packaging also enables you to find the right size for your product, again reducing waste and cutting down on energy usage in transportation.

The best flexible packaging offers safety, convenience and affordability for both the consumer and the business owner. It also provides numerous environmental benefits over traditional printing methods. Best of all, the printing process produces attractive designs that promote sales and customer loyalty.

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