Part-Time Delivery – Your New Source of Income?

As online retail platforms hit new records, delivery driving persists in the form of expansion. With new demand comes great opportunity.

While the majority of markets have been suffering since the pandemic started last year, there are some blooming new territories worth paying attention to. As online retail platforms hit new records, delivery driving persists in the form of expansion, creating an exceptional opportunity for everyone. Maybe even for you!

Where some doors close in traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, others open in delivery services. So, let us drive you through how one of the new trends can turn into your new business.

The Unexpected Benefits of Delivery Driving

Imagine an opportunity where you have ultimate freedom; you make your own schedule, no special education or unusual gear is needed, and you’ll still have endless amounts of jobs. Welcome to the world of part time delivery driving where all these dreamy expectations meet. 

No special education needed 

We all know education costs time and money. One of the biggest advantages of the delivery driving business is that once you have a driving license, you’re basically all set up.

No special gear needed

You don’t need any special, hard-to-get technical equipment. Below, we share the remarkably short checklist which is guaranteed to contain everything you need to start.

Flexible schedule 

Work whenever you want. You can make your own schedule, which is a huge advantage if you have another job or you’re a student. And in case you’re thinking of turning delivery driving your full-time business, don’t worry because full-time positions are in high demand.

No office environment

Are you one of those people who would do anything to avoid a grey desk in the jungle of a decent, but boring office building? Having your vehicle as your office can bring you the variety you need. Driving provides variety through customizing your vehicle, getting new scenery, and listening to your favourite music, podcast, or news program while making extra bucks. 

Who Can Be a Delivery Driver? 

There are no age or educational requirements, so we believe it’s a truly amazing opportunity for…


While studying, it’s a challenge to find a flexible job to manage alongside classes. Plus, you can even listen to your online educational material while driving. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice all your study time for your driving time. It could be one of the best opportunities students can find!

Part-Time Workers

Need some extra bucks besides your regular job? Did Covid affect your workplace and you need to face pay cuts? Part-time delivery driving can get you covered. Regardless of your ordinary job, delivery driving is something a part-time worker can manage.

People Between Jobs

Sometimes we need a break between two workplaces, we don’t want (or can’t afford) to sit at home all day. We want to do something that makes ends meet while we can focus on our next career move. Delivery driving can be your solution as you can contemplate your future job opportunities while on long drives between dropoff locations.

What Do I Need to Get Started? 

The list is remarkably short, yet it’s important to keep it in mind: this job is based on performance method. The better you’re equipped, the more effective and therefore the more profitable you are. Therefore we share some Pro Tips with you for an ultimate success: 

The Car

The key tool for driving delivery besides a driving license is unquestionably a vehicle. Depending on which company you work with and the amount of packages you deliver, a commercial truck can be even more effective. If you don’t want to invest into owning a new vehicle for your business, don’t worry – there are great leasing services to help you out. 

Car Tip no.1: Once you have your vehicle, it’s important to buy essential delivery driver gear for any unexpected situation that might occur: always bring a phone charger, car mounts, N95 masks, water, flashlight, even winter jackets. This way you work more smoothly in the case of storms, mechanical problems, or other inconveniences.

Car Tip no.2: Car insurance. As your vehicle becomes your primary work tool, it’s vital to get insurance that covers all costs. We don’t only mean accident insurance, but also insurance for problems caused by weather or bad road conditions. If you don’t know where to turn, check out one of the most popular insurance companies in the US, AAA. 

Car Tip no.3: Take care of your tires. Safety is always first, and depending on the weather of your area, safe tires can be a key investment. To find the best deals, watch out for big retailers such as Walmart.  

A smartphone 

A smartphone with a strong data plan is a must. This way you can stay on target for your delivery goals no matter where the route takes you. Strong data plans cut down on dead-zones and communication interruptions with your colleagues. The company you are working for may wish for you to install something like this mileage tracking software on your phone, so having enough data to run these sorts of apps alongside any maps you are using is going to be vital.

A Route Planner

A good route optimization app can be super useful when starting to work in delivery driving. A reliable, easy to use, and fast delivery route planner will save you valuable minutes and hours while helping to minimize your costs and maximize your incomes.

We recommend Straightaway, an application designed specifically for this purpose with machine learning methods to plan your schedule by monitoring the traffic and road closures. 

Where Can I Find Work? 

Once you have all the tools you need, the next step is to find employers to work for. In today’s booming online retail business environment, the question is not if you can find a job, but what kind of job you’re looking for.

Look to the big ones like FedEx, UPS, or Amazon Flex because they are always hiring. Amazon Flex, for example, is probably the most popular choice among part-time delivery drivers. You could also find a smaller company working within your area if you want a more local job. Whether you would prefer to work freelance or take a larger, fixed contract, there’s certainly a fitting opportunity for you.

How Much Can I Earn? 

Earnings change from state to state and company to company. Each business has their own pricing method and it might take some time to see what’s the most suitable for you. 

According to Payscale, the average hourly rate is around $15 without bonuses, but can vary between $9 to $23 per hour. This range represents the diversity of the delivery sector and the many options available to you.

Another analysis made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 10 states that are ideal for delivery driving, based on cost of living: Wyoming, North Dakota, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia, and Minnesota. This doesn’t mean that in other states delivery driving cannot be profitable, but you might need to do your calculations before getting into the business. 

To sum up… 

Altogether, part-time delivery driving paints a unique, positive picture that might be a savior during the unpredictable downturns of a pandemic. As consumers continue to turn towards delivery services the sector is blooming – and you don’t want to miss being part of it!