New Megaways slots

If you want to see how an industry can continue to use technological advancements to its advantage time and time again there really isn’t much beating the online slots market, as the various developers involved with this have consistently made sure that the industry is never left behind by more modern inventions. Of course, the original land-based slots market was also incredibly good at keeping itself fresh and modern, but it is nothing compared to the power the online slots world has to do this. 

We have seen countless developments during the life of the online slot industry such as, from new special bonus symbols, to incredibly complex bonus rounds, and now we also have the exciting new Megaways technology. This technology was first used by Big Time Gaming with their slot Bonanza in 2016, but it was quickly spread across the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the best new Megaways slots available to play in 2020! 

Rick and Morty Megaways 

Rick and Morty has been one of the most popular cartoon series to come out over the last decade, with the Adult Swim hosted program managing to blend the worlds of sci-fi, slapstick comedy and serious action impeccably well. As we know by now, the online slots industry isn’t one to pass up on the opportunity to create a new theme, and Blueprint Gaming were in there first when it comes to adopting Rick and Morty into a slot game. 

Rick and Morty Megaways has immediately ended up being many people’s favourite Megaways slot due to its faithful reinterpretation of the series. There are bonus features such as Federation Wild spins and Pickle Rick free spins, for instance, which directly reference some of the happenings during the actual Rick and Morty program. 

Buffalo Rising Megaways ALL ACTION

The original Buffalo Rising Megaways game by Blueprint Gaming sent shockwaves through the gambling community upon its release, becoming one of the first Megaways games to achieve a huge level of notoriety thanks to its compelling bonus features and lovely African savannah aesthetic. Well, now the developer has teamed up with Big Time Gaming to create Buffalo Rising Megaways ALL ACTION, a pretty ridiculous online slot if you ask us. 

Why is it so ridiculous? Well, the short answer is that Buffalo Rising Megaways ALL ACTION has pretty much completely dispensed with the classic base mode and bonus feature system that almost all modern online slots use, instead it simply focuses on the bonus features! Essentially gamblers begin playing the game whilst in its bonus features already, something that is bound to be a lot of fun indeed. 

Return of Kong 

With an RTP of a bang average 96% Blueprint Gaming may at first seem to have been playing it safe with Return of Kong, however when you begin playing this Megaways slot you will quickly find that the opposite is true. Return of Kong has an extensive array of bonus features, and it is all packaged in a lovely retro slot.