Meeting Room Complications? How To Improve Your Meeting Room With Technology

No matter what field of business your company is in, everything depends on your ability to collaborate and communicate with your coworkers. This is why the meeting room is one of the most important spaces in the office. Here, team members get together to share ideas, solve problems and grow as a cohesive unit. Technology has the potential to enhance and streamline the collaborative process in conference areas. Whether you want to connect to experts in remote locations or work more effectively with people around the same table, incorporating advanced AV and IT can make a tremendous difference in how you and your staff get things done. Here are just a few of the many ways in which technological additions can deliver a better conferencing environment.


Thanks to high-speed Internet connectivity and high-definition AV capabilities, meetings are no longer confined to one physical space. But there’s more to teleconferencing than simply setting up a camera in each room. These solutions can be integrated with presentation software, making it possible for participants to see a slideshow or video as well as each other. Today’s setups can also incorporate multiple cameras and professional-grade acoustics to ensure that everyone can be seen and heard with exceptional clarity. With this type of arrangement in your facility, you’ll be able to connect with virtually anyone without worrying about aligning travel schedules. You can send out an invite and have your entire project team face-to-face within minutes no matter where they are.

Wireless Connectivity

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity in today’s office environment is technology that doesn’t perform as expected. This happens frequently when a group is gathered for a presentation and must wait while the presenter searches for the cable he or she needs to connect a laptop to the system. In these situations, a wireless solution that allows equipment to sync automatically without a rat’s nest of wires can be helpful. Connecting over Wi-Fi or with Bluetooth enables you to skip over the confusion and get straight to business.

Interactive Boards

A lot of information is processed in conference rooms, and businesses need a way to present it and help employees retain it. Interactive whiteboards with full multimedia capabilities are up to the task. To create and present these multimedia meetings, employee’s could choose to Download Keynote for windows on Fileproto in order to create presentations that can be shown on multimedia whiteboards while in conference. They provide a blank slate for teams to brainstorm ideas as well as view documents and videos in a larger-than-life format. Unlike the analog version of a whiteboard, where anything erased is lost forever, interactive boards have the capability to save everything in the cloud for retrieval at a later date. The end result is a tool that gives your team members the flexibility to create and the confidence that what they do will be preserved.

This is just a sampling of the ways tech can transform meeting spaces into incubators for new ideas. Your success ultimately comes down to the innovation and ideation generated by your people, but a conference area that incorporates AV solutions gives them what they need to deliver results.

Author bio: Timothy Pickett is the owner and CEO of Encompass AV, a commercial audio-visual/IT company. Pickett, who has 21 years of experience in the industry, focuses on the design and integration of complex audio-visual, surveillance and data systems.