Jobs in High Demand in 2021

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The world is constantly changing. Everyday, something different happens. Every year, the world works slightly differently than it did the previous one. The jobs market is no exception to this. Although you will always have your necessary jobs, such as police officers and doctors, new jobs grow in demand every year.

There are a number of different reasons that jobs become so sought after in different years. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it majorly influenced the way jobs work. Many people found themselves working from their own home as opposed to in an office. While frontline workers also saw a dramatic change in the way that they work. Another influential factor that has emerged over the past few years is the dominance of the digital world. Every year, more and more tech jobs are required as dozens of new companies open up. So, with these different factors in mind, what jobs are in demand in 2021?

Data Scientist

Data science is an industry that was on a rapid increase prior to the pandemic. This is due to the importance of data to companies both big and small. It’s a necessary factor for businesses and companies to grow, so you can see why there has been such a demand for the role. According to statistics by LinkedIn, there has been a 46% growth in data science roles. Due to its demand and good pay, it makes it one of the leading jobs for applied economics degree graduates.


It’s no surprise that as a result of the global pandemic, the demand for nurses soared through the roof. Many hospitals around the globe even found their wards to be understaffed. There was a huge call for nurses over the past year, with student nurses even having to take on some major responsibilities in some countries. There has been a growth of 30% in nursing jobs according to LinkedIn’s statistics.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was another industry that was already on the rise prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, due to the pandemic, the online world grew at an extremely fast rate. Many businesses had to rely entirely on their websites and online services to keep their income up. From data analysts to copywriters, the demand for digital marketers has been huge. There has been a growth of around 33% in the need for digital marketers.


Teachers have also been in high demand this year. Although the need for teachers is constant and will be into the distant future, the pandemic also affected this role. As there was much disruption for schools, many were forced online or into smaller teaching groups. This meant that teachers really had to work hard to ensure students weren’t missing out on a valuable year of education.

Workplace Diversity Experts

The protests and unity surrounding racial justice in the spring and summer of 2020 had implications all over the world. The job industry is no exception to this. There was a whopping 90% more hiring opportunities for jobs related to ensuring workplace diversity. A great sign for long term changes to equality.


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