Jaw-dropping Movie Engagement Rings You Cannot Ignore

One of the best scenes from your favorite movies would probably be the proposal scene. Doesn’t your heart flutter during the part when the good-looking lover would bend on one knee and take the ring out of his pocket? Apart from the most-awaited question “Will you marry me,” the moment the camera focuses on the engagement ring is the point where you want to freeze your screen and gaze on that big sparkler.

Whether you are someone who is about to walk down the aisle or someone who loves romantic flicks and everything nice, you wouldn’t want to miss our list of favorite engagement rings based on movies.

A Timeless Ring on My Best Friend’s Wedding

The engagement ring was a round cut with a prong set on a gold band—a classic symbol of a love that is worth fighting for. It was perfect for their love story, even though the unembellished diamond ring may seem to contradict to the bubbly and cheerful character of Cameron Diaz.

Double Sparklers for Bride Wars

Two different engagement rings—each with its respective beauty and character—for the two lovely brides. Emma (Anne Hathaway) got a classic and elegant round-cut diamond ring while Liv (Kate Hudson) received a 5-carat Tiffany cushion-cut diamond.

A Pop of Color from Crazy Rich Asians

If you have seen this movie, you would probably remember that regal and extravagant-looking emerald engagement ring. It may be an unexpected choice for a ring, but when you are someone who is crazy rich, a pop of color isn’t a surprising alternative. Think of Jackie Kennedy’s emerald ring and Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire gemstone.

A Pink Sapphire in Legally Blonde

If you think of Reese Witherspoon’s character in the movie, you can understand why a pink sapphire engagement ring, with a platinum setting, is her best match. Apart from its show-stopping cushion-cut pink gem, two 1-carat triangular-shaped diamonds adorn both sides of the center stone, which makes the ring even more appealing.

An Unconventional Ring in Sex and City: The Movie

While colored engagement rings are rising in popularity nowadays, a black engagement ring seems to be a very unusual choice. However, the fashion-forward and insightful Carrie Bradshaw was not afraid to don a nontraditional black engagement ring. But why would she be when it was set in an 18-carat white gold band and surrounded by 80 pave diamonds?

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