Iskandar Safa Has Worked Tirelessly To Achieve His Professional Status And The Work Continues

An Inspiration To Business and Philanthropy

It would be neglectful to speak of the global shipbuilding industry without mentioning the name Iskandar Safa. That is because he is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of renowned shipbuilding company Privinvest. This internationally renowned company was created by Iskandar and his brother Akram in the early portion of the Nineties. Creating the Privinvest shipbuilding firm was the perfect way for Iskandar to make use of the knowledge of engineering and business administration that he attained from his college studies in Lebanon and France. The growth of Privinvest has been impressive and the company currently enjoys an extensive operational footprint as well as a diverse base of clients from different sectors.

Creation Of An Industry Leading Operation

When Iskandar and Akram Safa came together to form Privinvest, they did so intending to build something special. The vision they started with has transformed into a global powerhouse of a shipbuilding company that is based out of Beirut, Lebanon. Privinvest has its state-of-the-art shipyards located around the regions of the Middle East, European countries such as France and Germany, and region of the Mediterranean Sea. It is at these locations that Privinvest constructs some of the most technologically innovative and advanced sea vessels in the world. These ships are constructed for entities in both the commercial and the private sector and Privinvest also serves many of the world’s military organizations in the area of naval vessels.

A Backstory That Inspired Success

Looking at the backstory behind the life of Iskandar Safa is a great way to gain an understanding of why he has become so successful. The difficulty that he experienced early in life as a result of the civil strife going on in his country of Lebanon might have caused a lesser individual to lose hope. Iskandar did not let this keep him down and he always felt like hard work and perseverance would help him to overcome any obstacles that life threw at him. He stuck to his guns and worked diligently to achieve scholastically. This allowed Iskandar to study engineering at the American University of Beirut before heading off to France for a course of study in business administration at INSEAD. Attaining this kind of educational experience and knowledge has played a major role in the success that Iskandar has achieved. Both of these college degrees have been useful to him in creating a major shipbuilding empire.

Leading His Industry Through Excellence

As a leader in the shipbuilding industry, Iskandar’s Privinvest builds a variety of different ship types. From elite naval vessels and luxury superyachts to the most reliable commercial vessels on the ocean, Privinvest has become a name that is trusted worldwide for its commitment to innovation and quality. The 2500 plus professionals employed by the company help to ensure that this quality is always maintained. The team has become a true testament to the excellence in leadership that is provided by Iskandar.

A Consistent Importance Placed On Philanthropy

There have been many ways that Iskandar Safa has applied himself to the cause of philanthropy. From donating to charitable organizations to helping to build churches, he has worked hard to make sure that he is an individual who uses his wealth to make the world around him a better place. Among the most recent acts of note that Iskandar has participated in is the restoration work being done at the fire-damaged Notre Dame cathedral located in Paris, France. As a part of this assistance, he has offered to supply whatever marble the project requires from the quarry that he owns.