Instances when your small business may need assistance of a law firm

Are you an entrepreneur who is all set to start your small business? Do you know how to form an LLC? If yes, there are countless worries that have kept you anxious among which one is whether or not you would require getting help of a law firm or a business lawyer. There is a usual conception among businessmen that attorneys charge you exorbitant rates that is beyond the capability of new entrepreneurs. Due to this misconception, most business owners hire attorneys only when they face a serious legal issue. Law firms like Kazmi Law have legal solutions tailored for your changing personal and business needs.

Though it is true that you’ll not require an attorney at every step of running your business but it’s worth taking precautions. Let’s take a detailed look at this matter.

Issues that can be handled by the business owner

While operating a business, you’ll come across several matters that are straight and easy to handle. Hence, this is not when you’ll miss seeking help of an attorney who may charge you $200/hour. There are several other expenses that have to be handled while running a business. If you’re tensed about scheduling and controlling overtime costs, you may seek help of agencies like Here are few other things can be self-managed.

  • Scribbling a proper plan for your business
  • Choosing an apt name for your company
  • Selecting a domain name for the online website
  • Creating an LLC or a shareholder’s agreement
  • Applying for EIN
  • Applying for permits and licenses
  • Documenting Limited Liability Company meetings

Issues where you may need legal help

The issues mentioned above can all be tackled by a smart businessman but there may arrive trying times when things get complex. You may learn more today on critical thinking and analysing skills but before things get tough, it’s better to surrender to a lawyer. Few such instances include:

  • Current or former employees suing you on various grounds like unnecessary firing, discrimination in hiring or due to poor work environment
  • You wish to make ‘special allocation’ of your losses and income and you wish to share it with an LLC agreement
  • State, local or federal government entities filing complaints against your business
  • Acquiring the assets of another company or arbitrating the sale of your company

Prevention is always better than cure

We can’t end this post without emphasising on the importance of taking preventive steps before things run out of control. No, that doesn’t always mean hiring an attorney beforehand but consulting one during tough times won’t hurt or spoil your image. In order to avoid spending unnecessary costs during the inception of the business (when each penny matters), it is better to stay in touch with an attorney who would review your current state and offer valid suggestions.

Although you won’t require hiring a lawyer for all your legal issues, it’s better to stay aware of where you can find the best lawyer. Stay ahead of all issues by finding out the best attorney near you.