How You Can Launch an Investment Based Business Without a Degree

For those who have never opened an investment portfolio, or funded an IRA, there is a bit of a misconception about how managing finances works. It is possible to have a real estate investment portfolio and not be a multi-millionaire. Those working with stockbrokers may or may not have tens of thousands of dollars ready to invest at a moment’s notice. The reality is that an investment is an investment, whether it is for $1 or $1 million. As such, it is always best to work with someone who has expertise and knowledge in the financial market. If you are thinking about launching an investment based company and you lack a degree, don’t despair. You can run a company that turns out profitable investments for clients while you learn along the way.

Focus on Just One Type of Investment for Now

Whether your specialty happens to be day trading or even offering micro loans to small business start-ups, the smartest way to hedge your bets is to stick to a single type of investment. Consider the fact that you will be making lots of elevator pitches, perhaps seeking out angel investors, networking opportunities, and more. In other words, you are going to be busy educating everything you come across about what your company does and stands for. If you have too many twists, turns, and details, people might quickly lose interest. Keep things simple and make it easy to explain what your investment company offers. With Advanced Point Capital, you can find different types of loans and funding to get your investment firm moving. Make sure that you get qualified for a business loan the first time you apply by offering a streamlined service.

Keep Your Staff Limited in The Beginning

New companies that have a team of staff roaring to go can become quite profitable in less than the span of a year. With more workers to answer phones, deal with IT issues, and follow-up on leads, there will constantly be money coming in. At the same time, hiring a full suite of office workers for your investment firm can also be a long-term expense that you are not ready to take-on. Keep the number of clients that you service low so that you can give them personalized attention. Instead of hiring a number of people to work at your company, consider contracting with a personal assistant or even an answering service.

Continuously Look to Further Your Education in Finances

What you know about investments today could change tomorrow. No, the market itself may not change but you might learn something that changes your investment strategies forever. It could be that you learn through the assistance and tutelage of a mentor. Or, you could start up an online course on investing that leaves you totally blown away. With whatever type of learning method you choose, just don’t become too rigid.

There is no rule that says you need an MBA in finance in order to run a company that specializes in investing. Be confident that you know what you are doing as you will be handling other people’s money. There will be times where you feel your knowledge and patience is being challenged to the max in this industry. It is how you deal with that pressure that will be remembered by both you and your clients.