How to Register A Company in The Netherlands?

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If you want to register a company in the Netherlands or are thinking about setting up a company in the Netherlands, then there are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind before you proceed. To register a company in the Netherlands, you are going to require a few documents, including:

  • A copy of your Passport
  • As Proof of Address, a Utility bill
  • Power of Attorney

Setting up a company in the Netherlands can be a hassle if you are living abroad. Considering that you will have to travel back and forth a couple of times to register a company in the Netherlands. Intercompany solutions can make your life a lot easier by taking care of the whole process for you. This will allow you to register a company in the Netherlands without having to fly out here.

The Netherlands is a great company to set up your business. It provides you with some very important reassurances that make your investment feel a little more secure, which is always a good thing.

Advantages of Setting Up A Company in The Netherlands

  • A very hospitable business climate – The Netherlands is ranked 3rd in the world when it comes to the best countries to set up a business. If you are looking to do business and target the EU, you will be hard-pressed to find a better location than The Netherlands.
  • Proficient in English – When setting up a company in another country, the dreaded language barrier can make things ten times harder than they need to be. The Netherlands is an English-speaking country, and you will not face any language barrier problems here. You will be able to communicate effectively in English here.

Why choose Intercompany Solution?

Setting up a company in the Netherlands is a great idea. There are some requirements that you have to meet in order to register a company in the Netherlands. You can enlist the help of Intercompany Solutions to make the process painless and seamless. They are a name that you can trust as they are a part of several business networks such as the International Fiscal Association and The Global Voice of The Legal Profession. They have helped more than 500 companies set up their business in The Netherlands, and they offer free consultations. They provide a complete package that includes guiding you through each and every step from start to finish. To register a company in The Netherlands, it is essential that you have an expert by your side who can guide you through all the legal hurdles and paperwork. They will also be able to assist with some key processes that you will have to go through to run your business in the Netherlands. These include:

  • Registering your business with a bank to get a corporate bank account
  • Registering the desired name for your business
  • Incorporating a Dutch BV.

Intercompany Solutions is your way of fast-tracking yourself and your business in The Netherlands. Make sure to check out their website for more information.