How to manage your business relocation – NC edition

Moving can be an overwhelming experience, and it can get quite stressful. For this reason, you need to find a way to relieve stress and manage your business relocation. Luckily, people have been moving their business for a long time and they’ve found the easiest ways to do it. Especially if they have help from specialists who could not only help them relocate, but also set it up as efficiently as possible. For instance, if you would need to get in touch with the professional removalists in Brisbane if your business is located there. Keeping this in mind, we would now look at how businesses’ in North Carolina could get help while relocating.

How to manage your business relocation – NC edition

North Carolina has average taxes very close to the US average and average income slightly below the US average. But, what makes this area interesting for business relocation? The reason might be the fact that, over the last year, North Caroline has had the job market increase by around 1.8%. Even better, over the next 10 years, it’s predicted to go higher, up to 38%, around 4 % more than the US average.

What is your motivation behind your business relocation? Alt. Tag. A laptop and a notebook.

And after all, the reason why you’re moving your office is that you expect to benefit from it. However, don’t forget that business relocation requires a lot of organizational skills and effort. That’s why it’s better to plan much earlier and make a timeline for the move. And even though it’s necessary to always have a couple of days extra, know that you won’t be able to run your business normally during this period of time. If you are moving into modular offices (check it out here) then you will be able to shorten your ‘up in the air’ time as they are already pre-made, you just need to make sure your electrics and setup are all working correctly. It may be wise to look into how a modular office will suit your team better if you have not already set your sights on a place.

Why are you relocating your business?

There are several reasons why you’re relocating your business. And that’s important since the choice of your location depends on them. No matter if your business relocation is within NC, or from or to NC, it’s important to compare these factors in North Carolina and in another location in order to:

  • save money on taxes or property costs
  • grow your business more easily – compare the target market and the competition
  • have access to the talented workforce
  • provide a better lifestyle to your important employees, which can have an impact on your business

Try to have a reasonable expectation of better conditions in your new location, in order for your business to run smoothly after the relocation.

Changing the address

As soon as you prepare a timeline for the relocation, see when would be the best time to change the address. Choose a good time for this since you won’t be able to receive mail at some point at your old location. Also, if you need to move your office address long distance, you should consider hiring a good moving company. And, don’t forget to notify your clients, and change the address on your business cards and stamps.

Most importantly, notify the authorities and utility companies, as you don’t want to get in trouble for something as simple as that.

Hire a good moving company and plan the budget

With so many tasks on your mind, it’s good to have someone to do certain part of this process for you. And there’s no one better for this than a good moving company. Find a reliable company in North Carolina, like this one Moving Kings NC at and share the burden of your business relocation with them.

Also, consider the costs of the moving company, when planning the budget. Before moving, It would be advisable to create a checklist so that you can keep a track of the process and can ensure that nothing is being left out. If you need additional assistance in planning out the relocation, you can read articles on how to pack your office‘ or steps to relocate the office’, which would probably help in this issue. Don’t forget to count in the moving supplies and that during the time of relocation you won’t be able to run your business as normal. While this will especially affect the period after the relocation, you should consider it when planning the budget, too.

Also, when preparing your new office, don’t skimp on health and safety. Even if you do it, there are hidden costs of health and safety errors in the workplace and you might end up not saving up as much as you’ve expected.

Assign the roles among the employees

The employees will feel more included in the process if you consult them when some questions arise during the move. That’s why it’s good to give someone the role of relocation manager, as they can help the whole process.

It’s good if employees become a part of a relocation process. A woman sharing her ideas with her teammates in an office.

Also, it’s helpful if every employee packs their own part of the inventory and a bit more. Don’t skip this chance to declutter and get rid of the inventory that you don’t use. This way, you’ll have fewer items to pack and transport. Also, this way it’s going to be easier to organize everything in the new office. And this is the perfect time to organize the documents in a better way. And while at it, make a copy of the most important documents. You don’t want something to get lost during the relocation.

Don’t forget the IT department

And that’s not the remote IT support. Remote IT support is good for the business that’s already running. However, this time, you should call the IT support to come on site and set everything up. That way neither employees nor your business will have to wait and everyone will be ready to start their job as soon as possible.

This is a great time to contact the IT department and have them fix or upgrade your system. Alt. Tag. A person fixing computer parts.

Also, know that this is a great time to upgrade your system, as your employees won’t be using it during the time of relocation.

Settling in

After you move to your new office, you might want to have you main departments running as soon as possible, so focus on them first.

But, even if you have everything ready, it might be a couple of days until the business is running as usual. Not only you, but also the employees might need some time to settle in. While it shouldn’t be too long, this is to be expected. So, take it into consideration when creating a timeline for business relocation. After a couple of days, you will hopefully see your business flourish.