How to Incorporate Animation in Your Business Strategy

With advancements in technology and changes in search engine algorithms, marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. You come across new trends and ideas every other day. These frequent and rapid changes in marketing strategies have also made it difficult for marketing specialists to catch up with every trend and optimize it in the best way possible. On top of all that, the vast amount of available information and increasing market competition has decreased the attention span of the customers. Marketers are constantly looking for ways to grab the attention of the target market with innovative strategies and to retain that attention for longer. The use of animation in business strategy has come out to be an effective solution in providing the audience with appealing and engaging marketing messages.

Read this article to learn how to incorporate animation in your business strategy to increase customer engagement.

The Importance of Animation for Business Strategy

It goes without saying that our visual memory is much stronger than any other type of memory. It helps us retain important information and relate things with our own personal experiences. The sole purpose of using animation for business strategy is to evoke the interest of the viewer by bringing creativity and imagination to your campaign. The vibrant colours and motion graphics in animations hook the target viewers and helps deliver the marketing message with fewer words yet greater impact.

While you might as well be able to grab the attention of the target customers with text, it is in fact very likely that they lose interest halfway and stop reading through your text at that very moment. Using animation is an engaging way that not only grabs the attention but also makes the viewer watch the content until the end. Businesses are leveraging the power of animations particularly because of the efficiency and effectiveness that they bring to a business strategy.

How to Incorporate Animation in your Business Strategy

Following are some effective ways to use animation in your business strategy:

Using Buyer Persona for Animation

The very step of all marketing campaigns is to figure out who is your target audience. Businesses find that creating a buyer persona is very effective in developing and designing their marketing campaigns accordingly. By collecting important data about target customers like demographics, behavior, interests, preferences, etc, businesses are able to create a virtual image of their target customers. Moreover, to collect such data, businesses can also look for companies similar to, which can help to sort through the information and come up with a fruitful marketing strategy that might help to target customers effectively.

You can enhance this strategy and make it more effective by creating an animated character based on this marketing data to use an animated character in your advertisement that closely resembles your target customers. Your customers will be able to better relate with your marketing message when they feel the personalized touch in your campaign.

Designing Animating Logo for your Business

Businesses are always looking for strategies that can make them stand out among the competition. While this business strategy is not commonly used yet, it can be a great way to make your customers remember your logo. By using an animating logo for your business, you can make your target customers understand what makes your brand unique and unlike any other in the market. There are a number of techniques that you can use in an animating logo like spinning, bouncing, popping, sliding text or picture. Animated brand logos can add to the value of your business and present it in a unique and innovative way.

Using Animation in Business Presentations

The span of animation is not limited to only marketing; you can also use animations in business strategies to deliver impressive and more impactful presentations. In business meetings and conferences, speaking endlessly about a certain topic or switching from one boring slide to another can make your audience drift off real quick. A 2D or 3D animated presentation can be a very effective and engaging way to make your audience pay attention and even interact. With the help of a 3D animation studio in London, you can design 3D animated presentations that explain the complicated process or present a virtual model of your product.

Using Animation for Brand Story

The human mind has a wonderful ability to recall stories very easily. You might not be able to recall descriptive and informative texts and videos but you are easily able to recall all parts of a book or a complete plot of a movie in the right order. If you feel that your website and social media marketing efforts are not effective enough to attract a good number of target audiences, you can choose to hire a good digital marketing agency like Frenik ( who can apply different strategies to boost traffic to your social media pages. Alternatively, you can use an animated brand story for brand positioning and make your audience relate to your brand. You can make your website or a social media account more engaging by pinning an animated brand story on the top.

Using Infographics for your Product or Service

Infographics are using motion graphics and visual representations of information, data or facts to make it easy for the viewers to understand it quickly. Infographics are far more engaging than any other type of content online and viewers are also more likely to share infographics more than other content on their social accounts. It is a great way of presenting a lot of information in a precise and interactive way. With infographics, you can provide your customers with important tutorials and data which are otherwise hard to interpret. They can also be used in business meetings to make complex information easily understandable.

Customized GIFs for Ads

You might have seen businesses using GIFs from famous movies in their marketing campaigns. While this is a good strategy, you can also make it more effective by using customized GIFs for Instagram and social media advertisements. It is a funny way to create a brand image and value in the market. You can record a video or edit a GIF for ads as well as email marketing.

Incorporating animation in business strategies is becoming more and more popular especially in digital marketing. They help businesses have more impactful and are one of the less costly options for marketing. With animations, you can use more creative and engaging content for all types of business communications.

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