How to Host a Business Conference On a Private Plane

When it comes to hosting a business conference in flight, it is only possible on a private jet. It is a time-saving activity to make use of that airtime and something special that will impress clients and business associates. It emphasises that you are using a private jet for your business activities. Confidentiality and privacy become possible and it is not too noisy because of other passengers. It is cost-effective, too, because you are not having to hire another location for the meeting. Then, when everyone lands, instead of still having the business conference, they can then relax or be involved in another aspect of their business.

Companies such as Jettly are making business conferencing in the air possible. So, let us explore just how you would go about arranging such a conference.


First, you will need to decide how many are attending the conference as this will affect the size of the private jet required. They are not as small as many people imagine but they do come in different sizes. Also, you will need to ask for a private jet that has conference room facilities. They will then be equipped with all the high-tech equipment and facilities to present the conference.

An events manager could look into the possibility of having an in-the-air business conference. You would just need to let them know the company that you want to charter the private jet from and they could do the rest.


The service that you will receive on a private jet for your conference will be second to none. Those attending your conference can have their individual needs attended to while the conference is taking place, as they would normally during a private jet flight. So, you will not have to worry about the catering side of things. This can all be taken care of by the company chartering the private jet. The food and drinks can be left to them. You will just need to let them know if there are any special dietary requirements, that is all.


Normally with a conference at a venue, you would have to think about seating, but this is all taken care of on a private jet. All the seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom whether you are in the normal flight seating area or inside a conference room section of the plane. There is nothing to stop you, either, from having the conference where you are all sitting. It will be comfortable and private enough.


As far as timings go, you will not need to have everyone wait for hours in advance at the airport because your passengers will all be boarding the plane at the time you booked it for and from a separate terminal at the airport. It will be on a flight schedule that works around business schedules and not those of a commercial airline. Everything can be timed more precisely. Time is, after all, money to business people. They will not want to be hanging around at airports. It would also rather defeat the object of combining the meeting with the air travelling time.


On a private jet, there will be privacy throughout the business conference experience. Boarding at a separate terminal and then once on the plane. There will be nobody listening in to the conference meeting other than those attending it and the staff that will be well aware of the importance of discretion and everything said on a private jet remaining there. That is except for the employees that need to carry on discussing what is said because that was what the conference was all about. It will certainly be a business conference that everyone remembers. It could be flying over a different place each year, or however often one happens for your particular business or industry.

Different Types of Business Conference

Private jets can cater for any type of business conference, whether it is financial, relating to computing, or of a scientific nature. This is because it will generally be presented via a digital presentation. Private jets have the high-tech facilities for this to happen smoothly.

To sum up, it is far easier to organise a business conference on a private plane than elsewhere. The catering and the seating can be taken care of by the plane and the airline chartering the plane to you. Timings can be more precise because there will be no waiting around at the airport. The plane will be boarded at a separate terminal for privacy. Also, bad weather can be avoided that could otherwise make for a turbulent ride, when private jets can fly high above the clouds and avoid it. So, there is nothing to spoil a business conference that will have been so much easier to organise for all concerned.