How to Get Items on Amazon for Free

Everyone likes free stuff, and everyone likes Amazon. Put the two together and you’re in heaven, right? It sounds too good to be true, but there are tons of ways to get free stuff from Amazon, even if you don’t have a Prime membership. Here’s how to score some goodies. I accept some of these strategies might not be to everyone’s liking. However, heading to might offer people the chance to save some money even if you don’t quite get a product for free!

Need Cloud Storage

Amazon Drive offers 5GB of free cloud storage as a complimentary gift. With that much storage, you could continue taking pictures of your dog because he’s just so cute, or finally organize all of last year’s Christmas party photos.

Use a Rebate Website

Amazon uses rebates and you can use a rebate website in order to get the best price possible for your purchases. Earn back money you shouldn’t have had to spend in the first place! Check out Rebaid to earn back money from Amazon along with other top stores like Walmart, eBay, and Etsy.

Free Kindle ebooks

If you’re obsessed with all things prose and poetry, get ready to jump for joy when you take a gander at all the up-and-coming books available. Not into flowery rhymes? Look at the vast selection of romance, thriller, and classic novels, all for free.

Get Free Tunes with Amazon Music

No one pays for music anymore. Download a gazillion free MP3s, and sort by artist or genre. Full albums are available too!

Check Out Amazon Audible

Don’t feel like paying full price for the textbook to your Intro To Whatever class? Download the much cheaper audiobook version instead, and then get two free audiobooks as part of your thirty-day trial. Happy listening.

Amazon Trade-in

Got some old electronics hanging around? Ship them to Amazon Trade-in (also for free) and in return, earn back cash upon item approval. You can also do this with books, video games, and other popular goods that Amazon offers. Try it out, you never know!

Earn $5 Credits

Amazon Cash is like shopping without the need for a card. Sign-up is free, and as you spend, promotions pop up that earn you cash. Amazon credits of $5 are included when you add $20 or more to your Amazon Cash account.

Don’t Forget Amazon Prime

Ultimately, you do have to pay for Prime. BUT, if you want to try it out for 30 days free, you’ll get the additional perks of watching the free shows on Prime Video, free two-day shipping on orders, and free magazine and book reading with Prime Reading.

Review and Earn

See a product you want? Message the sellers with the fewest reviews and offer to post positive reviews in exchange for a free product. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Amazon Vine Program

You can also look into the Amazon Vine Program which involves distributing free products to Amazon’s most trusted reviewers. Reviewers give their feedback on product samples and the only catch is that you must give an honest review. Obviously, this hack requires that you build up a bit of a reputation as a reviewer first, but you might score some free stuff along the way just for leaving kind reviews.