How To Create Unique E-Brochures For Your Next Open House

Open houses remain a popular tool for attracting buyers. As the real estate field changes, virtually hosted open houses offer even greater potential. As an agent, you can reach prospective clients regardless of schedules or distance. Digital real estate brochures are the ideal companion to the virtual open house: With mindful design and creative techniques, you can take your e-brochures to the next level and offer real value to buyers. So when they see the open house they are intrigued by what is in front of them.

High-Quality Photos Are Vital

What attracts buyers to a property? Vivid, colorful photos are more likely to draw their interest – they tell a story about your listing that words alone can’t. Sure, you could shoot some pics on your smartphone. But unless you’re adept at tweaking your camera app’s settings to get high-quality pics, you may want to hire a pro. A professional photographer like this Atherton Tableland photographer can capture stunning images to use in your e-brochure. Meanwhile, don’t forget about other tools: Consider drone photography for overhead shots of your listing.

Creative Language Is Key

Photos can visually sell your listing, but language adds emotional color and depth. Your e-brochure’s text should include more than basic details such as square footage and list price (that kind of thing can be saved for the real estate text message marketing plans). You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write high-impact copy, but you must make your language count. A few tips can help you effectively target your e-brochure copy:

  • Consider your property’s size and basic features.
  • Write text to accompany your photos. Think about your brochure like a property walkthrough, except in print form.
  • Call attention to special features in your copy. Highlight upgrades and uncommon amenities that your buyers will love.

You understand that each property has a target buyer demographic, but let’s look at an example of how this works. Say you have a four-bedroom home with a mother-in-law suite on the property. You may picture a multi-generational family with both kids and a grandparent as your target buyer. In your copy, you’d likely focus on the mother-in-law suite plus other key selling points such as a spacious yard and energy-efficient appliances.

Templates Organize Your Material

Once you have your copy and images, you need to place them in your e-brochure. But creating it takes more than dropping your materials into a document and throwing in a fancy heading or two. Design tools for open house flyers for realtors can help you arrange content in eye-catching ways that hold your readers’ attention. Even better, you don’t need a graphic design degree to use these tools. Professional real estate marketing agencies offer these tools plus professional expertise to make your e-brochures look stunning and get results. What’s more, they can create templates that give agents creativity and convenience while maintaining your brand’s image.

Bring Your Listing to Life

With our world quickly changing, the traditional open house has gone virtual. Successful agents understand this shifting environment and tailor their tactics and tools for it. The e-brochure is a natural companion to today’s virtual open house, so visual design and content are both critical. Impactful copy, high-quality images and professional templates all highlight your message. Partnering with a real estate marketing agency offers even more possibilities for attracting buyers and closing sales.