How to Create an Effective Customer Survey – Tips and Tricks to Use

Do you have questions regarding what it is your customers are looking for and expecting? Maybe those questions pertain to the products and services you offer, or it could be about pricing, shipping, or even your website’s online content. No matter the question, it can be quite difficult to guess what it is your customers are thinking, and if you don’t guess right then your efforts may not provide you with the results you’re after.

This is exactly why customer surveys can be such useful tools. With a customer survey, you’ll be able to get real answers from real customers that help to drive your business forward. So how do you create an effective customer survey? Here are some tips and tricks you can use.

The Questions Make or Break the Survey

In terms of the number one tip, it’s all about the questions you ask on the survey. If you aren’t asking the right kinds of questions, you won’t get the information that you need. Customer satisfaction tends to be a wise direction to go as you formulate your questions. 

Avannis outlines a variety of tips when it comes to customer survey questions such as “would you refer our company to a friend”, “why choose us over the competition”, “what would you change about our services”, and “have you ever had a problem with any of our services?”.

Go Ahead and Ask Those Open-Ended Questions

While open-ended questions aren’t always a good idea, when it comes to a customer survey, they give people room to offer details and share valuable information. Sometimes a simple yes or no answer just isn’t going to be enough and won’t shed enough light. People also tend to appreciate the fact that you want to hear from them and that their opinion is valued.

Make Sure the Survey is Relatively Short

Another tip is to make sure the survey is relatively short and doesn’t take a ton of time to complete. The fact is that people are busy nowadays, and the idea of sitting down for 30 minutes to fill out a survey just isn’t appealing; nor is it realistic. You’re better off sending shorter, more focused surveys on a regular basis rather than one big, long one.

Offer an Incentive for Filling It Out

If you’re having a hard time getting a response and having people take part in your survey, it may be time to offer an incentive. You can offer such things as a discount code, free shipping, a free gift or any other type of incentive for a completed survey submission. There are a lot of ways in which you can offer this kind of motivation which helps not only your cause, but also the person filling out the form. Say, if you offer paid surveys to people – they have an incentive to get money and you get your job done as well.

Make Sure You Advertise the Survey

The final tip is to make sure you advertise that you’re conducting a survey. You can place a link on your website and your social networks. You can even take things a step further and create an email marketing campaign.

Each of these tips will help you to make the very most out of your customer survey.