How To Create A Popular Craft Drinks Product

In the alcoholic drinks market, ‘craft’ is the latest buzzword: from craft beers to spirits and beyond, drinkers are going wild for beverages labelled craft.

Craft drinks now extend beyond just alcohol, with cold-pressed juices, sodas and even teas now popular among discerning drinkers.

A craft drinks producer is a manufacturer creating small batches of a drink, which means that many businesses and individuals have the ability to produce a craft drinks product.

All you need is a good idea and some business knowledge. To help, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to launch a successful craft drinks product.

Research The Drinks Market Currently

Having a good idea for a new craft drink is all very well and good, but it’s important that you explore the market before you start developing your product. Check to see if any other drinks providers are offering a similar product, and if they are then taste theirs and try to work out if there is a way that you can provide something that meets a different need. For example, if very few drinks producers offer craft vodka, and those that do only have a few flavours, then you could consider branching out into new and innovative tastes that will entice drinkers to switch to your brand.

Hone Your Recipe

The basic recipe for your craft drink is going to be the basis for your entire brand, so it’s important that you take the time to perfect it. Source your ingredients from quality suppliers, and make sure that you are certain that your product is exactly the way you want it to be before you start offering it to potential customers. Test your drink on your friends and family, so that you have a range of opinions and can create a product that will be popular with the majority of drinkers.

Create Eye-Catching Labels

The label you use will be a key part of your product’s marketing, which is why you need to make sure it’s unique and creative. Review the labels of the drinks already available and create something innovative that will stand out, but that’s still in-keeping with your brand image. Once you’ve designed your bottle labels, have them created by The firm’s expert team will be able to transform your idea into a roll of quality bottle labels that will enhance your product and inspire your customers.

Supply Artisan Markets And Foodie Hangouts

The craft drinks market is targeted at discerning drinkers and diners who pride themselves on being gourmets and want something equally illustrious to drink with their artisan meal. As such, you should try to get your craft drink stocked in a variety of different places, where these customers are likely to shop and dine. These might include on stalls at artisan markets, in farm shops and in trendy, local cafes that pride themselves on serving only the best products.

Set Up A Website And Social Media Accounts

Whilst having a physical presence is important, the cheapest and most efficient way to market and sell your craft drink is to have a website. Create an engaging website that showcases your brand image and mentions the key unique selling points of your drinks. Include a lot of imagery, so that potential clients get the chance to see what they could be buying. You should also create social media accounts on the platforms that your target audience is using, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that you can share updates, new product launches and more information with your customers and fan base.

Run Promotions To Get Customers Interested

Initially, it might be hard to get your new craft drink product off the ground, particularly if you’re entering into a competitive market segment. One tried and tested method to help you to boost consumer interest is to run promotions. You could offer a free gift with every order, or free shipping over a certain value. You could also run social media engagement giveaways, in which you give a free product to one lucky winner who likes your posts and page. This approach will boost your brand recognition and introduce new customers to your delicious drink.

Keep Developing New Flavours Loyal customers will keep coming back time and again for their favourite product, but adding new flavours to your offering will help you to entice more drinkers to sample your products and get existing clients spending more money with you. As such, it’s important that you keep developing new flavours. Try creating flavours based around the latest trends in the food and drink market, so that your products are always in vogue. One current trend that’s not going anywhere is the introduction of CBD oil into a lot of products, so you could try adding this to your drink to boost sales and get new customers interested.