How to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

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Having your own, e-commerce store can mean a lucrative income for yourself- if you know how to attract customers to your online store.

Here are some innovative ways to ensure that your online store has a lot of site traffic…

Have an effective social media strategy.

An effective way to attract more customers to your online store is to have a great social media strategy.

If you have a large presence on social media platforms (like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) and you regularly engage with your followers and post interesting content, you will have far more visitors to your online store.

It is advisable to post to your social media accounts at least once a day, but make sure you don’t overdo it as this can push fans away. The same can be said about hashtags- less is definitely more before it becomes annoying!

Your SEO campaign is vital.

To attract organic traffic to your website, you need to feature on the first page of Google.

This is easier said than done, but with a good SEO (search engine optimization) campaign, you could get there in a short space of time.

You may want to consider working with an SEO specialist to help you create

content and optimize key words on your website.

Consider using email and text message marketing.

No one enjoys receiving spam emails, text messages or phone calls. However, if the content of marketing messages is exciting and worthwhile to the recipient, they will be more likely to purchase something from you.

Sending out regular promotional emails with special discount codes and details of flash promotions can result in a healthy uptick in sales.

As with social media posts, just make sure that you don’t overwhelm your audience with content as quality is definitely better than quantity!

Google Ads is more inexpensive than you think!

Many people mistakenly believe that using Google Ads is expensive.

This is a common misconception and for as little as $5, you can have a Google Ads campaign for your online store.

One of the great advantages of Google Ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so it could prove to be very beneficial for you.

First impressions really do count.

The landing page of your online store’s website can be compared to a physical reception area.

If it is immaculate, modern and attractive to potential customers, it creates a fantastic first impression for your store and tells customers that you are professional and worth supporting.

Trying to save money on your website design should therefore not even be a consideration as it could harm your sales in the long run.

We recommend spending some time ensuring that your website is user-friendly, elegant and easy to use. Use a website designer if you must, but be aware that if a potential customer doesn’t like the look of your site, they will be likely to go elsewhere!

Prioritize customer service.

When it comes to online shopping, there is a lot of competition out there.

This means that if a customer is not happy with a specific store, they will simply shop elsewhere. It is for this reason that providing excellent customer service is vital if you want to remain one step ahead of your competitors.

If a customer asks a question, sends you a message or has a concern, be sure to respond quickly and in a positive and helpful way. The same goes for reviews left: even if a customer leaves a negative review, respond in a constructive way, never blame the client and show them that you want to resolve the issue.

Showing your customers that you really do care about their shopping experience with you can convert them into loyal fans and regular purchasers.

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