How To Approximate The Construction Costs For A Commercial Building

If you walk around major cities and towns today, you’ll notice that there are a number of commercial buildings being built. If you’d like to construct a commercial building, it’s in your best interest to determine the amount of money you expect to spend and budget for it. By doing so, you can avoid having to halt your commercial building’s construction due to a lack of funds.

The cost to build a commercial building varies greatly depending on the project. This variation can be attributed to several factors such as:

Building Quality

Commercial buildings fall under the classes A, B, and C. The quality of a building goes a long way in determining its total construction costs. Thus, buildings in Class A are more expensive to construct than buildings in classes B and C. This is primarily because buildings in class A are fitted with better and more costly fixtures than fixtures fitted in buildings in classes B and C.

Building Design and Architecture

Complex architectural designs are usually more expensive to design than simple architectural designs. The more complex a building’s design is, the more costly it is to construct.


For a commercial building to be well-built, it must be built by several skilled laborers. The larger a building is, the more laborers it requires. Thus, it’s no surprise that the owners of large buildings being constructed usually spend more money than small commercial buildings being constructed.

Amount of Construction Materials Required

The cost of construction materials usually varies depending on the quality of the materials. High-quality materials are often more costly than low-quality materials. However, these are probably going to contribute to a house worth more money. Also, you have to ensure the equipment used is going to keep the workers safe, so a scaffolding company and safety railing systems will be necessary in this case. This will also reduce the risk of injury which is where you venture into the territory of making claims, something a construction company does not want on its hands. At the end of the day, higher quality although more expensive is going to be a safer option. As such, if you intend to build your commercial building using high-quality materials, you should expect to spend more money than an individual using low-quality materials to construct his\her building. You need to make sure that every step of the way you are using the right materials that will provide a good base for the construction project. All of this means research is the number one factor, from finding the best heat shrink wrap for construction protection of materials, to looking into which type of brick would be better for certain areas.

Material Delivery Costs

Material transportation costs usually vary depending on the distance covered by the transporter. If you’re transporter covers fifty miles, you honestly don’t expect to pay the same amount as another individual who sourced materials ten miles from his/her construction site.

Permit Fees

Different cities tend to charge different permit cities depending on the location. If the commercial building you intend to construct is located in the central business district, you’ll have to pay higher permit fees than an individual who intends to construct a building in the outskirts of the city.

All in all, to correctly approximate the construction costs of your commercial building, you must first decide on your building’s quality and design. Once you’ve come to a decision, you must then take into account the amount you’ll spend on labor, materials, material delivery, and permits. Apart from the mentioned costs, it’s advisable that you consider costs such as insurance, site investigations, inflation, and consultant fees. Lastly, it’s advisable that you set aside a contingency fund.

Benefits of Hiring A Project Manager from A Reputable Construction Company

When you plan on constructing a commercial building, you should consider hiring a project manager from a trustworthy construction firm, he or the company can then be trusted to return whenever it is decided that the building may need Commercial Renovation or other similar commercial buildings need to be built. Although all construction firms claim to have some of the most efficient project managers under their employ, this is not always true. If you’re looking for a project manager, here are some of the reasons why you should choose one from a reputable company.


Many individuals have complained about being scammed by individuals they believed were legitimate project managers in the past. By hiring a project manager from a reputable firm, you need not worry about going through such a predicament as renowned construction companies only hire certified project managers.


The more experienced your project manager-of-choice is, the better he/she is at executing his/her duties. Well-trained and experienced project managers are usually under the employ of famous construction companies. This being the case if you’re searching for a well-trained and experienced project manager, contacting a reputable construction firm would be wise.

Offer Quality Advice

Everyone needs expert advice from time to time. To budget appropriately, you need the professional input of a top-tier project manager. Given that top-rated construction companies usually have top-tier project managers, if you hire one from one of the top-rated companies, you can rest assured of getting the high-quality advice you desire.

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