How moving companies attract customers with proper SEO techniques

Just as any other new company, moving companies, especially the ones new into the industry, face several challenges as long as luring new customers are concerned. When a person is in dire need of a mover, she will probably make a Google search and then call the first few companies that come in the SERP. So, in order to attract maximum customers, you have to reach the top position in the Google search. Before you hire an Seo firm Toronto to help you out, let’s check out few DIY steps that you may take.  

Step #1: Choose the right keywords 

Make a quick list of the keywords that are linked with your services. You may try keywords like ‘moving services’, ‘movers’, ‘furniture movers’, ‘long-distance moving companies’ and ‘house movers’. As the list is ready, set a Google AdWords account. When you’re ready with the keywords, categorize them into buying intent and research intent. When a prospect is ready to take on your services, buying intent keywords work. On the contrary, prospects choose research intent keywords when they only shop around. 

Step #2: Website Optimization 

When the list of keywords is finalized, optimize them in 2 posts, Google My Business and Website Optimization. For the best results, ensure elements like NAP, verification, categories, description, images, and content AI text to speech are sorted properly. Also start with your service pages and homepage as these are called the ‘core pages’.  

Step #3: Develop links and citations 

As the main framework of your campaign is in place, develop links and citations. These can help you increase your online reach and enhance your Google rankings. A citation is an online listing of the business NAP in a directory. Before you invest your dollars, take a close look at Google Analytics. You should also take into account links from authority websites as they too play a vital role in boosting Google rankings.  

Step #4: Get reviews 

Customers usually play two different roles, they coax other customers to try out your services and they also tell Google that you are a legitimate company. If you’re a customer who is moving out for the first time, you should take a look at to gather knowledge on moving to a new place. Send a mail to the satisfied customers adding a link to your Google My Business page so that they can write a review.  

Step #5: Track your success 

While there are different ways of analyzing your data, the 3 most important metrics are rankings, traffic and conversions. Google will customize its search results based on your activity of browsing. You can use Google Search Console as one of the best tools. In order to track your web traffic, visitors recommend you to use Google Analytics. A conversion is a specific action that you want from your prospective customers. For moving company, this can be getting in touch with you for obtaining a free estimate.  

Just as you have to seek help of Heat Line in order to solve your pipeline solutions, similarly, you have to seek help of the best ways in order to optimize your mover website.