How Do I Check Out A Company Director Online?

In business, it is a smart move to find out more about the company’s director before making a business commitment. Someone can pose as a company director, especially when you have no prior knowledge of who is the company’s director. A check on the company’s director can prevent you from falling for fraudulent schemes.

Finding out about the company’s director helps you make an informed decision on whether to use the company or not for your business needs. Conducting a company’s director check is just as vital as a company check.

How do you know if you are dealing with the authentic company director and not a fraud? Checking online for the company’s director is one of the easiest and quickest ways to solve this problem. 

Checking a company director is possible by using the following resources. 

1. The Company’s Website

It is the fastest way to check out information about a company’s director online is through the company’s official website. It costs almost nothing. Before trying out any other source, check if the company you want to check its director has a website. If it has, then open the site.

Once the website loads, navigate to the ‘Meet Our Team’ or other similar sections. The image of the directors, their respective roles, and in some cases, a little note about them is what you will find on the page. 

Using the information on the company website to check out a company’s director is excellent for basic inquiries such as who is the company’s CEO, what is the name of the director and the image of the director. 

For more detailed information, the company’s website is not the best online resource. If you want to check for the reliability and effectiveness of the company’s director, the company’s website is not suited for that. It is better to use third-party sources for that information.

Even if you want more detailed information about the company’s director, the website is the first place to check before using other online resources. Additional online resources for checking a company’s director may still be reflecting the records of an old director, the company’s website is best for up to date information.

2. Google Search

Google or your preferred search engine tools has all the answers to all your questions, nearly all. Using Google to check out a company director online is easy. The same way you search for information on google is the same way you do so for the company director.

Type in the company and the name of the position you are looking for into the search box. If you already know the name, type it instead of the director’s position. 

For example: 

“Seafoods Limited, CEO” or “Seafoods Limited, Jack Woodward.”

Sourcing information about the company’s director is made easy with Google search. Google will search the web and offer you the most relevant pages first. On the first page, you will likely see the company’s website, news about the company’s director, and the company’s director. 

3. Companies House Service (CHS)

The website is an excellent resource for finding information on companies and their directors. Find valuable information about the company’s directors through this online service. It only provides information for UK companies and directors.

To search for a company director, navigate with your web browser to the Companies House Service page. Register with the website to have access to its free database search. After completing your registration, sign in and enter the director’s name in the search box if you already know the name of the director.

Alternatively, if you are unaware of the company’s name, type in the company name and wait for the results. Click on the ‘People’ tab to find the company’s directors’ information.

The various types of information you can find about the company’s director from Companies House include

  1. Director’s Full Name
  2. Any other names associated with the director for business purposes (including maiden or married names)
  3. Appointment date of the director (to the current company or current position)
  4. Date of Resignation (if applicable)
  5. The director’s country or state of residence
  6. The nationality of the director
  7. The birth month and year
  8. Official correspondence address of the director (if applicable)
  9. Current status in the company (active or resigned)
  10. Position in the company
  11. All past appointments 
  12. The nature of control in a company

Companies House also lets you search for disqualified doctors still posing as directors through its disqualified officers register. To search a disqualified director, navigate to the disqualified officers register in the Company House Service website, enter the name of the suspected director to search them directly.

The information provided for the disqualified company directors include:

  1. Full name
  2. Full date of birth
  3. Last registered address
  4. Date of disqualification
  5. The date the disqualification ends
  6. Disqualification count
  7. Reason for disqualification
  8. Disqualifying court
  9. Companies relevant to the director’s disqualification
  10. Case reference number

4. Company Check

Company Check is a UK business database that provides comprehensive information about companies and their directors. Use the search box on the website to search for the company’s director. Similarly, if you’re starting your business in Asia, it is vital that you know your business, look whether it’s legal in the country, and check for various other company information.

It provides comprehensive information about the company’s director. It is not a free service. You have the option to pay for a single report about the company’s director you want or subscribe to one of their plans below:

  • Lite – 50/year+VAT (access to 5credit reports) 
  • Pro – 200/year+VAT (access to100 credit reports)
  • Enterprise – 500year+VAT (Unlimited credit reports)

The Company Check director report includes the summary of the director (full name, month and year of birth, registered address and nationality), companies list (the business name and current trading status, the position held and date of appointment), financials of the director (net worth, total current liabilities, and total current assets), credit risk (credit risk score and the total amount owed) and related directors in other similar companies and the same company. 


Checking for a company’s director online is a relatively easy task to accomplish. The company’s website, Google search, Company House Service, and Company Check online database are some of the mediums suitable for the check.