Healthy Habits to Help You Be a More Effective Remote Worker

We’ve been working remotely for almost two years now, but many of us are still adapting to the sudden lifestyle change it brings with it. It’s not easy, afterall, and there’s no specific roadmap to follow in order to be successful.

It’s all about doing what you can to be the very best professional you can be and it depends on the person.

For this reason, it’s very hard to lay out a specific plan that’ll work out for everyone, but we can ask experts to recommend something worth trying, which is what we’ve done here. Below are some valuable pieces of advice from experts who’ve tried it themselves:

Tip: Get distractions out of arm’s reach.

“Distractions are a-plenty in your own home and can absolutely ruin your productivity. For me, even the smallest gadget or item can grab my attention and, next thing you know, I’ve spent 20 minutes fidgeting with a random item on the shelf beside me.

Eventually – it probably took too long – I moved these random distractions to another part of the house where they aren’t so reachable. Honestly, I work best with a completely clear desk and minimalistic office. I’ve taken any decor item, picture, and toy and put them somewhere else. Goodbye distractions, hello productivity!”

Submitted by Lucie Chavez, CMO of Radaris.

Tip: Set a steady schedule – and stick to it.

“A sporadic schedule does not work and it’s impossible to consistently be successful when there’s no structure. We require a routine and that ‘end of the workday’ feeling only works when a time signifies that moment. We need these schedules in order to know if we’re early, late, or on time – and, in the end, that’s what work is all about!”

Submitted by James Parsons, Owner of Content Powered.

Tip: Play something in the background.

“Without the hum of an office, I felt naked in my workspace and needed to liven it up a bit. I started turning on noise in the background and it actually helped me in a big way. I rotate between instrumental music, the local radio station (a mix between music and talking), and podcasts. The sound helps keep me alert and focused on what I’m doing.”

Submitted by Brent Thurman, Owner of Bear River Mutual Insurance.

Tip: Try to prepare as if you’re leaving for the day.

“Remote work has pushed us all to wake up a little late and skip that ever-important process of preparing for the day ahead. That process wasn’t only part of getting us together (physically), but it also served a mental purpose so we could mentally gear up and reflect. Without it, a part of the day is missing.

I recommend remote workers run through their morning routine as if they are heading out to the door to go to the office. Shower, shave, do your hair, eat, get dressed, etc. You’ll feel like it’s back to those good old days where we worked in the office.”

Submitted by Tudor Armand Ciuleanu, Founder of RebelDot.

Final tip: Monitor your progress and tweak it as needed!

The final tip comes directly from me and it’s the main thing every remote worker has to keep in mind as they adjust to this new lifestyle. You must monitor your progress and do what you have to in order to make yourself be the best remote worker you possibly can be.

Find the hours that work best, design your office accordingly, and download the tools you’ll need to get the job done.

It’s all a process and the best professionals react to success and failure when making decisions, and you must do the same!

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