Happy Employees Make a Happy Business

You’re a small business owner, so you know the truth: business is actually built totally on relationships. And the most important relationships are the ones you build with your team. Your employes, and your staff. Keeping them happy, engaged, and inspired can make or break the business that you are so tenaciously trying to build.

Though it can be challenging, thoughtfully crafting a workspace that both communicates the vision of your brand and supports your staff in their achievements is one of the best choices you can make as a small business owner. You will find, if you offer a work environment to your team that is comfortable, safe, and thoughtful, their productivity will skyrocket – and they will be content to help your business grow for years to come.

So, where to start when it comes to crafting a space that makes your employees feel safe and nurtured, nourished in their creativity, and free to successfully collaborate as a group? There are several important things to consider that, when implemented, will have a lasting positive effect on the growth of your business and the satisfaction of your employees.

First, consider the building itself – its design, location, and sustainability when it comes to upkeep. You want to select a building that offers a sense of longevity for your employees: a space that makes them feel secure and able to make themselves at home; a space that makes them feel proud to come into work every day. Securing a great support system with experts to call when you need a specialized service – like an interior designer, a talented landscaper, cleaning services, and commercial roofing services – ensures that help is only a call away when you need it.

Another exciting innovation in the world of sustainable commercial roofing materials are shingles made from recycled materials. If you’re concerned about keeping your space warm, common for those creating a workspace in cooler climates, recycled shingles can assist you with maintaining a comfortable temperature. Besides the recycled shingles, there are other varieties of shingles (like metal, clay, wood, and asphalt) that you can choose from. However, before you take any decision, it would be prudent for you to gather some knowledge regarding the different types of shingles. For example, you may want to opt for asphalt shingles but you do not know which brand to choose. In such scenarios, it could be a good idea to read a blog post from web portals like https://roofinginsights.com/best-asphalt-shingles/ to acquire more information regarding the subject matter. Remember that the choice of color for your roof can also pay dividends. Choosing a white-colored roof can help keep your space cool and cut down on air conditioning bills in the summer, which can easily become very expensive.

Also, what amenities do you feel are necessary to build into space in order to create this welcoming feeling for your employees? What do they need in order to be the most productive?

First, think about the space you want to create. Do you want it to be warm and inviting, helping create an environment of comfort and “home away from home” for your team? Do you want it to be clean, fresh, and modern, with lots of room to breathe? Or maybe a space that brings out the historical aspects of the building, with movable furniture for immediate creative movement space?

It’s also important to consider the longevity of the space you choose. If you own the building, look at the “bones” – does it need any repairs? For instance, hiring a commercial roofing company in Calgary, gutter cleaning, or window upgrades could make all the difference between a space that you’re happy to occupy for years as your business grows and one that you’re itching to move from as soon as possible. Moving can be just as stressful for a business team as a family, and especially if you’re wanting to create a homelike feeling in your office, setting up a sense of stability is key to comfort.

Secondly, the old model of cramped cubicles and fluorescent lights is out – and with good reason! Studies show that there are simple design elements that you can incorporate into your office space that will keep office morale high and increase productivity, too.

Open office plans have been all the rage the past few years, but though they can generate innovation, they can also promote resentment and claustrophobia between employees. As always, considering everyone has different levels of sensory input and social interaction that they can handle, giving the option for some people to work in their own space can be more beneficial in the long term.

Creating private spaces within the office for employees to choose to work alone or in small teams will also help reduce ambient noise, which can be very helpful for productivity. Your employees will feel safe and secure with the many options to choose their ideal workspace, day by day, and project by project.

Finally, natural light and fresh air are easy to incorporate into your space – just take down the old blinds, and open the curtains! Sunshine has been proven to promote a positive attitude, and vitamin D keeps the immune system healthy. In temperate weather, you could even open the windows, and allow your employees to “enjoy a breath of fresh air” – literally!

Your staff will also appreciate the thoughtfulness of having live plants in their workspace – not only do plants improve the air quality, but they bring a sense of fun and joy into the environment as well. A blooming flower pot can brighten the day of even the most stressed-out person in seconds flat!

Are you affected by light and air quality in your workspace? Studies show that your employees are, too, and it’s affecting their productivity. Air quality has been cited as the most impactful factor in physical wellness, and that’s understandable – every breath we take becomes part of us, after all! Investing in a high quality air filter is an important step in creating a welcoming space, and don’t shy away from fresh air, either – when it’s warm enough, opening the windows to fill the office with the scents of nature has a lasting effect on stress and tension.

Natural light is also an important addition to your coworking space that can create positive effects on your employees wellness and productivity. For those with sensory issues or sensitivities to light, replacing fluorescent lighting with natural lighting can make all the difference in keeping them happy, engaged, and part of the team. If it is possible to fill your workspace with more natural light (similar to the conservatory roofing Conversions), your employees are bound to become more productive.

As you can see, when it comes to creating a productive team, there are so many elements to consider. But you can take steps today to plan for your ideal workspace! And from there, you’ll start attracting the team you need to help your business grow and prosper for years to come.