Guide to Finding the Most Reliable Background Check Service in SC

Whether you want a single report or an unlimited search, one of the best background check services will be able to get you exactly what you need.

Through their extensive searches of public records databases, these sites offer an extensive amount of detailed information ranging from criminal records, to property records, to social networks, and much more. You can search for employment history, education, criminal records, addresses, social media, and more with the best background check services. Background check services can give you tons of information on someone, including their employment history, legal records, and more.

The need for a background check

Some services provide an all-inclusive report, including criminal records, credit reports, and more, while others can focus on particular areas of data (such as employment history). Custom background checks can involve various checks as part of the package, and can also include more extensive tests directly related to the job location or the person who is hiring for the job, such as nannies or home health aides. Human resources departments typically perform background checks for employers, but individuals may wish to check a prospective workers employment records when engaging a contractor, child care provider, or personal care assistant.

A background check is not likely to include financial records or address history, since these records are generally maintained by third parties, such as banks or credit unions. Individuals can conduct a free background check by conducting a basic online search, which often will yield background information on an individual or business, but it will not include all of what is in public records.

Pre-employment checks

Pre-employment background checks are typically used by employers in making a screening, and generally cover 7 years’ worth of criminal and court records, but they may go further depending on laws regarding compliance and the items being searched.

Bankruptcy checks

Bankruptcy checks may go as far as 10 years.

Labor employment checks

Labor employment credit checks go as far as 7 years, or as long as 10 years depending on a candidates expected salary and particular state laws.

What the laws say

So, what do the South Carolina background check laws say? Two landmark laws on the federal level, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, outline the way that background checks may be conducted in each state, including South Carolina. Properly conducting employment background checks in South Carolina will require that you have broad access to a number of databases that cover criminal history information, driver’s license records, employment records, education qualifications, and more.

Essential background check reports offer many of the essential pieces of information that should be included on background checks, including relatives, addresses, criminal history, court judgements, bankruptcies, and assets.

The quintessential Professional Background Check Package would include a Social Security Number Trace, as well as an unlimited criminal history, education, and current employment verification countywide, at $79.99 per check. Basic plans generally run $15 to $30 per report, and they include background and basic identification checks such as a Social Security number trace, national criminal database search, and a search of the sex offender’s record. Premium plans generally cost between $60 and $80 per report, and they look for all the same things as the standard plans, as well as educational and employment verification.