Four ways to focus on growth without losing any of your customers

Are you looking to add a little value to your business, but can’t find the time to focus on implementing the right strategies? Are your existing customers so demanding of your business hours that it’s simply impractical to put aside the time to plan your next move?

Here, we’ve put together four ways you can either attract new customers or save yourself crucial management time, all without damaging the service you’re already providing.

Could it be time for a brand refresh?

Admittedly, this may be a little extreme – but rebranding can immediately help to attract new customers. This article is about not losing any customers, yes? Therefore, what should you do to keep them on board? KickoffLabs believes that rebranding is entirely possible without alienating anybody who already trusts in who you are or what you do.

Essentially, by engaging with your core customers during every stage of the process, you will not only keep them informed but also learn what they want and expect. For this reason, even though the end game is to appeal to a new demographic or target audience, the customers you already depend on will be part of your journey from brand A to brand A+.

Have you got a customer loyalty programme?

What’s another great way to keep people on board? Rewarding them. Cited as one of 15 key tips for business growth by Entrepreneur, a customer loyalty programme keeps your current audience engaged and eager to receive or achieve their rewards – leaving you to focus on the next phase of your business growth strategy.

The tasks of working out the cost of the programme and how long it will run need to be given time and attention; however, once the scheme is in place, you can take a little time out to focus on other areas that demand more attention.

Who’s taking all of your telephone calls?

No matter what size of business you’re running, every incoming call means time away from other duties. While a phone call may only take up a few minutes of your time, any line of work can see you struggling to sustain focus if you’re regularly and repeatedly distracted.

This is where cheap call answering services can help businesses and business owners alike. Companies like Planet Numbers can provide trained staff to handle your incoming calls at specific times of the day, and take messages or relay basic information just as they would if they were on your own payroll.

Is a social media presence really worthwhile?

Is there anything you’re doing right now that you don’t actually need to do? Anything that’s simply a tick-box exercise and not actually achieving results? What about social media? Yes, it’s everywhere, and everyone is using it – but does that mean you have to, too?

Depending on the nature of your business, there is a growing opinion that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be – for everyone. As this article by Medium explains, just because Amazon and Google are doing it, this doesn’t mean everyone else has to. If social media isn’t getting you results, ease off on your online presence for a while and return to it when you’ve sorted out what’s most important – your growth.