Four Reasons Your Shop Should Stock Flat Handle Paper Bags

Customers appreciate having a paper shopping bag with handles when they need to carry more than a few items or handle something heavy. There are plenty of options, including simple flat handle paper bags.

Here are just four reasons why you should stock them.

  1. Affordable

Providing a paper bag with handles is always going to be a little bit more expensive than providing one without them, but that shouldn’t be a reason to hold back. If you’re worried about the price, simply opt for flat handle paper bags. The handle style is so simple that they aren’t much more expensive than your standard bag. Since customers tend to value businesses that provide them with high quality packaging, that small investment should more than pay for itself.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Some paper bag handles make the bag itself harder to recycle, which often turns away retailers who want to focus on eco-friendliness. With folded handle paper bags, that isn’t an issue. They can either be quickly torn off or recycled with the rest of the bag.

  1. Brandable

Paper bags are extremely effective for branding. They don’t bunch up like plastic bags and obscure your message, and their natural brown or white surface makes colours and designs pop. However, some bag handles can get in the way of your branding. That’s not an issue with flat handle paper bags since their handles are relatively simple and can easily be made the same colour as the rest of the bag to perfectly blend in.

  1. Convenient

As the name implies, flat handle paper bags lie perfectly flat when you stack them up. That might seem like a fairly minor benefit, but it comes in handy when you need to make a large order and then find space in your storeroom. It’s also nice to have a neat pile of stacked bags ready to go on the counter for when customers need them and there’s a queue building up.