Four Reasons Real Estate Investing In Greece Is a Great Idea Now

Greece is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. People come here to enjoy the islands, ancient architecture, and a vibration holiday vacation. Greece recently experienced economic turmoil. But, there is an opportunity in every adversity. The country is back on its feet again and now is the time to invest in its real estate industry for maximum profitability.

Booming Tourism Industry

Athens and other destinations in Greece are gradually returning as the top tourist destinations in the world. Tourism brings a lot of economic and business opportunity, including the provision of accommodation for visitors. Take advantage of the opportunities in tourism to earn significant income by investing in real estate. You can build a hotel, bar, or place of entertainment for the millions of visitors who come here every year. If you’re new to the world of real estate investment, websites like may be helpful to help you learn the ropes. It can be pretty complicated if you’re a newbie!

Tax Deduction

Another reason why you should invest in Greece’s real estate now is their tax deductions. The new government has removed VAT from real estate investment in the country. Before now, investors had to pay 24% in VAT, but that has now been suspended until December 2022. It’s a bold move that is turning around the real estate industry and attracting massive foreign investors. If you invest in real estate in Greece, you will also enjoy up to 50% tax reduction on investment and renovations, which is a big deal.

The Golden Visa Program

The Greek Golden Visa Residency offers a massive opportunity for anyone who’s investing in the country’s real estate. Anyone making €250,000 and above in property investment automatically qualifies for this. It is one of the most accessible visa programs in Europe, with complete acceptance and recognition across the Schengen states. The Greek Golden Visa Residency is one of the fastest to acquire in the whole of Europe. The processing time is two months and once issued, it is valid for five years when you will have to renew it. With the visa, you can bring in family members who are dependent on you, including children under 23 years, parents, spouse, grandparents, etc. Apart from the initial investment, you don’t have to do anything else to qualify for the visa. Also, if you want to become a citizen, then, you can apply. But you will need to have lived in Greece for up to 7 years before you can be eligible for citizenship.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

The joy of investing in Greece’s real estate doesn’t stop at making money. You also get peace of mind and live life to the fullest. You’ll be residing permanently in a place people travel thousands of miles to come and enjoy. You have unlimited access to the sea, exploring the waters and under the oceans. Visit national monuments and archaeological sites at will and get to meet people from different parts of the world. Living or retiring in Greece is a real paradise experience. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and connect with nature as you’ve ever before. With more time to relax, you can think straight; expand on your real estate business, and experience success.