Finding That Extra Bit of Money to Invest

One of the hidden laws of economics seems to be that the opportunity to make some extra money only really comes around when you don’t in fact have any capital lying around to invest. This applies whether that opportunity is to make a little bit of extra money that can be really useful, or indeed quite a sizeable amount of money which could go as far as changing your financial status to somewhere near the well-off. You might perhaps be looking to put some money into a managed ETF that seems to be have been doing well over a considerable period of time, or you might have been wise to a new construction development project that has its primary stake owners looking to extend the opportunity to outside investors.

Either way, since you never really know when such opportunities to invest might come around, in order for you to be prepared when they do come around, you need to get yourself into the habit of extracting money out of the regular course of how you manage your finances. For example, who would have thought that something like switching to an Indiana Sportbook betting platform could result in that extra bit of money that could perhaps be redirected to the investment kitty?

Incentivised “ship-jumping”

It’s possible through a practice that can be referred to as incentivised ship-jumping, albeit that’s an informal term for it. Basically the practice entails “jumping ship,” i.e. ditching your current service provider or goods manufacturer for another one, purely to take advantage of the incentive the new provider gives you to do so. You can always go back to your old service provider, retailer or manufacturer, and they might perhaps incentivise you to do so as well.

So in the case that you’re a regular punter on sports, jumping ship to the right platform can land you an incentive as high as a 100% deposit bonus, equating to $250 per “action.” There are so many services in particular in which you as a patron of them could practice jumping ship and you’ll be surprised just how big the incentives you’re offered can be, especially if you make it clear that you’re looking to make a change “for the right set of incentives” to do so.

Learn by doing

Start now and don’t put it off any longer, looking in the existing parts of your life in which your finances are directly or indirectly affected in some or other way. Don’t fall into the trap of first seeking to beef up on theoretical knowledge, because another unwritten law of economics is that of how little sense it makes, if any at all!

By kicking things into gear and training yourself to look at your everyday actions as a capital source, not only will you realise that you have a lot more money to invest than what you thought, but also that opportunities for investment can also be created in pretty much the same way. You don’t necessarily have to wait for someone to come around with the latest and greatest “passive income opportunity” which you can sign up to “for a small fee…”

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