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Grinding beads are used in some of the processing and manufacturing industries, however, they are a staple on the extraction industries, primarily mining. In the extraction process, usually, the miners dig through the ground using heavy machinery past the bedrock in order to reach the ore. This ore is then brought to the surface where it is further broken down and processed as the miners extract the precious minerals embedded within it. This is a cumbersome process because usually, you are dealing with large debris, while the precious minerals are only a small fraction of the entire weight. A lot of care is required to find the minerals which have a very low density compared to the debris, which is where the ceramic grinding-beads come in handy. The large debris is broken down into particles which are either, the same density or a lower density to the mineral that is being sought after. 

There is often a variant of factors to consider when it comes to ceramic beads such as the required grinding efficiency, the amount of energy used, and the nature of the grinding process (either wet or dry). It is these factors that have a direct bearing on the outcome. When you prioritize efficiency, then there is both fine and ultra-fine grinding each of which has a different result from the other. In fact, you get to use ultra-fine ceramic grinding-beads to achieve the smallest particles possible. Another profound use of these ceramic products is in paint industries. The raw materials used in paint are usually ground first until they are a fine powder, before water and other chemicals are added in their respective proportions to form the paint. It is why you get to find paint with various densities on the market where some are more sludgy while others are more liquid. 

One of the advantages of using ceramic balls includes the fact that they minimize contamination of the raw materials. These balls do not wear out easily because of their high density and as a result, always maintain their smoothness. They, therefore, do not chip easily, thus contaminating the raw materials. It would be particularly disastrous if you were to buy contaminated paint, for instance. Another common advantage is that using these ceramic balls reduces the wear of machinery and also reduces the milling time. You can check out more details while comparing the different sizes on sale here: ceramic grinding beads